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  1. Uncomfortable to watch, in my opinion. I also do not condone Aaryn's comments she made, but let us not forget she's only 22. If you follow most any 22 year old around with a microphone and cameras for two months, you're bound to get some unflattering commentary. Hopefully she learns her lesson after this is all said and done. That being said, it's over. CBS demonized her weeks ago, and the "bad" person is finally out. Everyone pop their bubbly. No matter that she won four HoHs or anything. Her gameplay isn't important -- she may have hurt someone's feelings! Can't wait for the next Hantz family member to pop up on my television screen. CBS CARES!
  2. Dustin

    Judd - Week 3

    Judd's ruling the roost this evening.
  3. Dustin

    Judd - Week 1

    That accent cracks me up. "Yer muh fryienz...frum Tyexis."
  4. Dustin

    Howard - Week 1

    Coolest guy in the house this season. I hope he goes far.
  5. Dustin

    Aaryn - Week 1

    100% agree. I am 50/50 on Ragan as well, but he hit the nail on the head.
  6. Dustin

    Aaryn - Week 1

    June 30 - "An Open Letter to BB's Production Team" by Ragan Fox http://raganfox.wordpress.com/2013/06/30/an-open-letter-to-big-brothers-production-team/
  7. Dustin

    Aaryn - Week 1

    Flashback to ~1:17 am on Sunday morning. Back at it again. Aaryn, GM and Kaitlin are in the hammock and are saying "The blacks stick together" and called Candice/Howard "The black Barbie and Ken." Aaryn has made other racially charged comments earlier in the week and also referred to Andy as a "queer." She may be one of the worst people to ever appear on Big Brother. No joke. And unfortunately, it's not just Aaryn but half of the younger girls all appear to be just as ignorant.
  8. Dustin

    Aaryn - Week 1

    "Country Club bitch"
  9. Looks like this brah just caught a gnarly, blonde wave.
  10. Dustin

    Aaryn - Week 1

    All aboard the Paranoid Train!
  11. I guess Porsche needs to cry more so the Internet females can emotionally bond with her.