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  1. James 2005

    who should of won

    Janelle? She only stayed so long because she was the least threat, and least annoying.
  2. James 2005

    Big Brother 7: What changes would you make?

    No more lazy ass old women to coast to victory while they're ignored for sucking so badly.
  3. great point as always, Ginger. You have no idea how much I look forward to this insight on every single topic I see you in.
  4. I have to know the answer of why he gave away the final vote. It was either blind fear of Maggie (judging from his senseless blubbering to Julie, I think this is it,) blind fear of James dominating the game after they got to final 5 (still does not explain why he would give away the final vote, since two are in the finals,) or he's completely retarded, and despite knowing so much about the game did not realize he was forfeiting almost all hope of his team actually winning money at the end.
  5. James 2005

    Petition to save Kaysar

    No, because I am a fan of the game (which is why I watch, not because of James.) James just happens to be my favorite player, and he isn't nicknamed The Game for nothing. He gets a raw deal by the 80% of people here who support Kaysar blindly. That's been shown by the Kaysar fans supporting Howie's abuse of April, and calling James a future wife beater because he told Sarah 'shut up'. I support Maggie, Jennifer, and April as well. I supported Mike before he was evicted, as well. You must not read a lot of my posts..? And about the 'negative feedback', isn't that expected when you are in the minority? As the polls all show, about 80% of the people here support Kaysar over anyone else. I happen to think he's a horrible player, which explains why he's been evicted twice in the first six weeks maybe? If anyone needs to be more subjective, go talk to the 10000 people who signed that petition to break the BB rules for a guy who has had more chances than anyone this year already.
  6. James 2005

    Hurricane Howie

    Even Howie's small mind can comprehend finally that he was played like the Stooge he is, and for it, him and his entire team will lose. This is so sweet for me, as a James fan, and having to listen to his ignorant "it might bite me in the ass later" and that crap he said after backstabbing James. How is this for biting you in the ass, Howie? Go spoon with Beau, and stop trying to play the game, please. You're comic relief, and made a f*cking idiot of yourself when you attempted to.
  7. James 2005

    Petition to save Kaysar

    I just looked at ten of the pages, and most all of it was just "PLEASE NO, WE LOVE HIM" and "I'LL NEVER WATCH CBS AGAIN." But, the most funny thing about this whole petition ordeal - Eric was bashed to no end because he was a sore loser. Well, hm.. hasn't King Kaysar lost twice now, and his fans still are making around a half-dozen varied excuses he needs to stay? Personally, I think Eric handled it well in comparison. He was just bitter, from being outsmarted (by James' plan, no less.) Kaysar fans believe him to be some kind of God that is being wronged somehow because he has lost.
  8. James 2005

    Petition to save Kaysar

    I went to check out the petition, and along with hundreds saying how many, many hours they voted for Kaysar and hundreds others claiming that 82% of America wanted him back, I thought this stuff was pretty funny. 3545. Willa If Kaysar leaves, ratings will drop by over 4 million!!! 948. Jenna KEEP KING KAYSAR IN THE HOUSE HE ISNT GOING ANYWHERE HE WAS MEANT TO WIN THIS GAME AND THAT IS THAT HE IS THE KING 1654. Kaz He should have been given immunity 1656. Kay Keep Kaysar--Jen cheated in HOH competition 1659. Tracie Tucker Give Kaysar a fair chance after just coming back! 3062. betty let kaysar find a key to one of the safes that gives him a pass on an exemption 7792. Judith Senfeld We were all shocked to end up rooting for the Middle Eastern Iraqi man. 6569. Abby "The Friendship" should be charged with hate speech! 6561. Victoria Think of all the money you got from the viewers that spent 49 cents plus tax for each text vote they made to get Kaysar back into the house. Are you going to be giving their money back 6532. Linda If Kaysar leaves this week, your ratings will drop dramitcally and you will find your ratings at 0, and that is not a threat, its a promise. 8118. Sandor We all know that Kaysar has the ability to win this game 8085. imran sh-eikh kaysar is a brilliant bb player
  9. James 2005

    Petition to save Kaysar

    BB isn't about mob rule.. that's American Idol or that strange Rock Star: INXS show.
  10. It's good to have an unbiased opinion, thanks 'crappysucks'.
  11. James 2005

    Vote For Kaysar or Janelle - AMERICA'S CHOICE

    Some websites (such as Hotmail,) validate that your IP to make sure it's legitimate. I would think, they'd do the same thing.
  12. James 2005

    Vote For Kaysar or Janelle - AMERICA'S CHOICE

    There is no way CBS will be victim to poll hijackers.. this is America's choice. Not lifeless fanboy's choice.
  13. James 2005

    Vote For Kaysar or Janelle - AMERICA'S CHOICE

    You can vote even without selecting one of the people... so it's obvious the script they use is smart enough to tell when your IP already voted. They just don't have an error page for the errors.
  14. James 2005

    whats happened?

    The Sov6 wants Michael back, I think he's a much better competitor and deserves it after the scheme that "Friendship" used to get him evicted. Kaysar didn't even help him win POV.
  15. It did seem a little out of place, but he wasn't graphic or anything. I'm more shocked that he would do anything with Howie.