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  1. 3:54 am BBT: pretty hilarious fish pranking/chase through the house between Nicole and Hayden. Worth flashing back for. I'm sorry, I'd type it all out but you have to see it. Lots of running, screaming and gagging.
  2. Flashing back, 9:36am BBT: Derrick and Nicole having a conversation which seems slightly heated. Nicole seems to be questioning the Bomb Squad again and Derrick isn't happy. Nicole mentions putting up Caleb instead of Derrick doing it (as Donny was trying to get her to do previously). Derrick starts talking about how he can't trust Brittany and may nominate her now. Brittany opens the door to Bee Hive and Derrick asks her in. He starts questioning Brit about what she knows/has heard about the "8." Derrick tells Brit he is reconsidering (may put her up) and she calls him dumb, she starts crying. Derrick is trying to talk to Brit but she is getting emotional. Now Derrick is trying to calm her down and tells her he isn't putting her up but just got woken up 20 minutes ago (by Nicole probably). Nicole says she doesn't like not putting up people from the 8. Derrick said they are putting up 2 from the 8. Derrick looks at Brit, says he won't put her up but maybe now he'll look like a fool if he doesn't. Brittany & Derrick talking over each other as she tries to convince him she believes him and he tries to sell her on his story that there was no alliance because they never met. 9:45am BBT: Nicole & Derrick wrap up talk, plan is still same as far as noms. Nicole nominating Amber/Victoria and Derrick nominating Caleb/Jocasta. Nicole leaves to go talk to Victoria. Derrick pulls Caleb into Bee Hive room and tells him there are people still worried about Bomb squad and wants to make sure he is still okay with going up. Caleb is saying yes and that him going up is the safest thing to make the plan go through. At the same time, Nicole is talking to Victoria in the storage room. She asks Victoria how she feels about going up as a pawn. Victoria tells her horrible and that pawns go home. Nicole tells her who she is "thinking" of putting up. She explains Devin backdoor plan. Victoria says what if she stays up there. Nicole says she would use POV on Victoria, Derrick would use POV on Victoria. Frankie comes into storage room (shocker!) and says he's getting eye drops. Nicole is hurrying to get ready so Victoria says she'll come up to the HOH room and talk to her while she's getting ready. Nicole goes up alone, Victoria isn't up there yet, then feeds to go fish.
  3. Nicole Franzel (Week 1)

    You guys are crazy, I like her.
  4. Saturday, August 3 Live Feed Updates

    2:35ish BBT: Jessie won PoV. Amanda w/ McCrae, Elissa, Andy in HN room. She is upset about Candice. Sounds like there was a fight between Amanda/Candice because Candice told Judd Amanda thinks he's MVP. The PoV players are dressed in camouflage gear, spectators also have camouflage shirts on. Elissa has a frog which she has been teasing Andy with, saying the frog does yoga and is her F2 now, replacing Andy. Andy says the frog is his arch nemesis. Elissa says that is because the frog gets to sleep with her. Upstairs in HOH they are talking about votes. GM concerned If Spencer goes up, will people still vote out Candice. People confirm they will. Back downstairs Elissa is comforting Amanda, assuring her she would never vote her out. Elissa is bringing up to Amanda Spencer needs to go. She whispers to Amanda they can't let Judd know they want Spencer out. Not sure Amanda is actually on board with this but she isn't really contradicting Elissa. She is just counting votes for her/against Candice (or whoever the target becomes). Judd won $5,000 Gina Marie has to wear some kind of cone Candice has to wear a clown suit 2:45pm BBT: Aaryn & GM are obsessing about how happy they are Candice will leave and how fitting it is she will be evicted in a clown suit because she is "such a mean person." [are these girls for real?] Downstairs in cockpit McCrae is doing damage control for Amanda [again] with Judd, assuring him he never thought Judd was MVP and talking about how they all need to stick together. Judd says he thinks Amanda really thinks he is MVP. McCrae said it doesn't matter, Amanda just gets so paranoid and she has gone through every single person, thinking they may be MVP. [McCrae is doing a great job imo, he's very convincing.]
  5. Saturday, August 3 Live Feed Updates

    11:25am BBT: Andy and Amanda talking in storage room. He tells Amanda she cannot push for GM to use veto on her because Aaryn is already having doubts about Amanda. He says they have Aaryn but they will lose her if she tries to get GM to veto her off the block. He says if anyone else wins it, fine [as in it's fine to ask anyone else besides GM to use veto on her]. They discuss voting out Candice vs Jessie and whether Helen/Elissa will vote Jessie. Andy thinks Helen/Elissa want Candice out over Jessie but they would want Candice out over Amanda. 11:31am BBT: Helen talking to Andy in SR saying she thinks they need to vote off Candice because GM/Aaryn are flipping out (about people wanting to keep Candice). Andy agrees. They question whether Elissa would vote out Jessie vs Candice. Helen asks Andy if he thinks MVP is Judd. Andy still thinks it's America. McCrae comes in and Andy tells him not to tell Amanda but, he thinks MVP could be America. McCrae says he agrees depending on how Amanda is portrayed. She may be saying in DR how she's playing McCrae or the fact she's overbearing [this was my word, can't remember exactly the term he used] may make America want her up. They discuss the vote, Mccrae asks Helen about her ties to Candice. Helen says she told Candice she'd vote Jessie but she tells McCrae/Andy she will respect GM's wishes. McCrae/Andy agree with this.Andy tells Andy Amanda cannot push for GM to use veto on her. They both agree, thinking Amanda will get zero votes anyway and that Aaryn is solid. Andy thinks Aaryn may be their biggest asset and don't want to upset her. Helen leaves, then McCrae/Andy talk. Andy says if Candice stays they will have one person versus having 5 (?) other people against them. McCrae says if this happens (Candice stays), he will lead the charge (against whoever kept her).
  6. Saturday, August 3 Live Feed Updates

    11:02am BBT: Elissa talking to Candice in cockpit, Elissa is doing a pretty funny impression of GM's nomination speech against Candice. Now she is doing her GM impression of why Jessie was nominated. Helen joins them. Basically "you's got to go, you's kind, you's wear nice earrings, but you's a rat, Nick don't like you..." etc (LOL) Helen, Elissa, Candice speculate Judd is MVP. Helen says Judd told Amanda if he wins he would use POV on her (Judd just told Jessie in color room he would use it Jessie if he won) 11:09am BBT: Amanda talking to Spencer. Pitching how, if veto is used on her, at least they can see who gets put up in her place and they can see who is MVP. Spencer says if the last two up to win POV are he and Amanda, he'd let her win [yeah, sure Spencer] 11:11am BBT: Judd talking to GM outside of HOH room in hallway. He told her if he wins POV if won't use it. [so far Judd has said three different things now regarding what he'd do if he won POV]
  7. Saturday, August 3 Live Feed Updates

    10:55am BBT: feeds are back, Amanda is up again as MVP nominee, discussion in HOH about who has MVP. Amanda thinks Judd. 10:57am BBT: Judd telling Jessie he would use POV on her so Judd is one of veto players. 10:58am BBT: in HOH room talk of who Spencer would use POV on so he is also playing in veto Veto players: GM, Jessie, Candice, Amanda, Judd, Spencer
  8. Thursday, August 1 Live Feed Updates

    Gina Marie wins HOH!
  9. Thursday, August 1 Live Feed Updates

    Jessie is down. GM & McCrae left.
  10. Thursday, August 1 Live Feed Updates

    Wheel reverses: Spencer down Candice down Helen down in that order FoTH Elissa & Amanda down 7:26 BBT: Elissa looks very upset, about to cry.
  11. Saturday, July 27 Live Feed Updates

    12:27pm BBT: Feeds are back. Amanda was put up for MVP Nom. Candice and Jessie picked for POV.
  12. Saturday, July 20 Live Feed Updates

    4:12pm BBT: McCrae won $5,000
  13. Saturday, July 20 Live Feed Updates

    3:58pm BBT: ELISSA WINS POV! Feed 1 shows everyone walking back in after the POV. You can clearly see Elissa wearing POV around her neck!!!
  14. Wednesday, July 3 Live Feed Updates

    9:14pm BBT: Candice thinks it's Jeremy, Nick & Spencer. Helen is really thinking and listening, counting votes. Candice then said Howie could be in it too but doesn't want to think that about him. Then she said she doesn't think Howie is with anyone and that he's in the super group. 9:15pm BBT: Candice says there's something that's going on because their people did not vote to keep Dave. So there's something fishy in that scenario and they may have f***ed up by telling her because now they can figure it out. Helen counts votes on her fingers again. 9:16pm BBT: Helen thought it would be Spencer & Candice voting for David. Candice says yea it wasn't. Says then let's take out Spencer & Candice and see who is left. Nick, GM, Jeremy & Kaitlin. That's why she thinks it's Jeremy & Nick voting David because Candice, GM & Kaitlin voted out Elissa. She asks if Spence was her secret person. Helen says "mhm" but says not to tell anyone. 9:17pm BBT: Helen, still deep in thought, wonders why Spencer would tell them he's voting David but vote Elissa. She says if she gets MVP she'll put Spencer up and make him tell her the truth. Then she says she doesn't want to put Spencer up. 9:18pm BBT: Candice tells Helen Spencer publically talked about voting Elissa and that Candice & he talked about it. But then after he talked to her he was trailing her like a dog and wouldn't let her talk to anyone. She tried to talk to Judd & Andy but Spencer "c**k blocked" both of those conversations. They wish they had a pencil so they could figure it out. 9:19pm BBT: Candice sits on the floor and starts using objects as people. Helen gets her jewelry to use. They start placing people in groups of who voted for David and who voted for Elissa. The ones they are not sure about end up being Spencer, Nick and Jeremy so they place them in the groups where they think they voted. Jeremy in the group who voted Elissa, Nick and Spencer in the group who voted David. They are correct!! 9:21pm BBT: Candice wonders why Spencer would tell her to vote Elissa if he didn't. She wholeheartedly believes Spencer voted for Elissa. But says, maybe they only needed one more vote to keep Elissa...so if they [super boy group] only needed one more vote to keep Elissa, which would've been Candice. Candice says somebody needed her to vote "over here" [votes for Elissa group]. Helen says but why. Candice says because if Spencer was supposed to be working with the Big Group, he f**ked it all up which means he is working with two gropus. They again think Jeremy voted David, Nick voted Elissa. 9:24pm BBT: She confirms that when she was told (by Helen) to go back and make sure of what Spencer told her, he said to vote out Elissa. But he was acting fishy after that. Helen doesn't know because that was not what she was thinking Candice would be told to do. Candice asks, what her one vote would have done? Helen says nothing. Candice says what would have happened if Spencer voted Elissa. Helen says it would've been 6/6 and McCrae would have to break the tie. Candice says "ohhhh." 9:25pm BBT: Candice says so somebody told Spencer to do that or Spencer concocted it with someone. Helen says but why? We already had the votes. Candice wonders why Spence would want Elissa to stay and wonders if he could be working with Elissa. 9:26pm BBT: Helen says she doesn't know. Candice says something doesn't add up. Helen says you're right, something doesn't add up and we're gonna figure it out. Candice asks Helen questions about the big group and if the leader decides everybody tells a person? She asks if the leader decided Dave or if they all collectively decided. helen hesitates but then says yes. 9:27pm BBT: Helen says they're going to boot her and then "we're never gonna know anything." Candice talks about going to Aaryn about the votes. Helen says well then you're lucky they're not going to go after you. Candice relays her earlier convo w/ Aaryn, editing a little bit. 9:28pm BBT: Judd comes in says sorry to interrupt. They say that's okay. They talk about sleeping on the seats. Candice may sleep on the floor. Helen leaves to go to bathroom. Judd gives Candice a hug then they leave the HN room also.
  15. Wednesday, July 3 Live Feed Updates

    Flashing Back - Good convo! 8:58pm BBT: Candice and Helen talking in HN room. Candice is trying to figure out votes. Candice thinks Aaryn, Jeremy Kaitlin for sure voted Elissa and then Candice and "her person" (Spence but she hasn't named him yet) She says if her person didn't then someone else did but she says she for sure voted Elissa out so that's 4. Helen says then Nick voted David out. Candice says she thinks Nick & Jeremy are together because they have side talks and it's a boy thing and if anybody did (it would be Jeremy). 9:00pm BBT: She says she went next to the people who she thought were in the group but they all still said Elissa so she thought she was out of the loop. She figured her person was supposed to tell her. 9:01pm BBT: Helen says she definitely doesn't know what's going on in this game and she's being as equally lied to. 9:01pm BBT: Feeds switch to Elissa & McCrae in SR and laughs that "they: think Elissa hates McCrae because she called him out in her speech. McCrae tells her to keep her voice down because they can hear, he leaves. 9:02pm BBT: Helen expects to be nominated, Candice thinks Helen's honesty could help her since Aaryn likes people who are straight up. 9:03pm BBT: Andy walks in, conversation between Candice/Helen stops and they talk about being HN's and being on slop. Helen thinks McCrae is such a good guy because he volunteered to be a HN and she could just hug him. Andy leaves. Candice and Helen continue talking. Candice said Kaitlin said to Andy that Elissa called Kaitlin a whore which was wrong and she needs to shut her mouth. 9:04pm BBT: Helen said oh yeah the whorehouse comment? I told Elissa not to do that and that she talks about them being 22 but that's her acting like she's 22 and she told Elissa not to stoop to that level. Candice heard the audience booed when she voted for Elissa so she thinks that means the world likes Elissa. Helen says Elissa is a really nice girl. Candice says yeah but sometimes she says stuff and she needs her to shut up and stop lying. Helen said she says stuff but so do Kaitlin & Aaryn so who's better? She'd rather hang out with the genuinely nice person. 9:05pm BBT: Helen said she doesn't think Elissa is trying to lie to people, she's just trying to make friends here. Like she said in her speech she's been a target from day one. She's just been trying to make friends in an uphill battle and that if you give people an olive branch, they'll remember that. Candice just wants to know why no one told her about the David situation. Helen says she doesn't know either but she was told something about "here are the people and you'll find out when you need to know." All she cared about was..she knows everyone wanted Elissa to go out but she realy wanted Elissa to stay. 9:06pm BBT: Helen said David told Andy last night he was coming after Helen. Candice asks why Helen thinks Spence would go different from the plan. Helen doesn't know but she's really surprised. She wonders if Spence is working with Jeremy and that they're doing their dirty work for them (lightbulb!). Candice doesn't understand at first but helen says what if they're working together and Jeremy didn't have the heart to vote out David. 9:07pm BBT: She says that way David leaves but Jeremy's hands are still clean. She says what if Spence/Jeremy are using the house so it causes paranoia. 9:08pm BBT: Candice says yeah but something's wrong with Spencer because he was trying to block her from talking to people. She doesn't think Jeremy's that smart but thinks Nick is. Candice says Nick was all ears in the bathroom while Spence was talking about his conversation with Candice about the vote. 9:09pm BBT: Candice definitely thinks Jeremy & Nick. She wonders how McCrae & Amanda fall into this picture. Helen says McCrae didn't have to vote anyway. 9:10pm BBT: Candice knows McCrae really wanted Elilssa to stay and she knows Amanda really didn't want Elissa to leave. Candice says....I wonder if it's a Boy Super Group and we don't know about it? [bingo] Helen wonders too. Candice says in that case the girls need to make a Super Group. Helen "I hear you." Candice says it's gotta be a boy super group. Helen adds, and they're going to use the girls to get each other out. 9:11pm BBT: Helen asks then why did they get Dave out? Candice says because it's a showmance. Candice says maybe they wanted to keep Elissa because she's a target and all the girls hate Elissa. So they don't focus on the boy super group [candice is getting almost all of this right] 9:12pm BBT: Candice talks about Jeremy giving a secret sign to Nick and how Nick waited a minute then walked over to talk to Jeremy. Then she speculates maybe GM is in it becuase she's like a guy. Then says no, they would think GM is too much of a firecracker and she'd talk. They begin counting votes again. 9:13pm BBT: Now candice says she doesn't know if she believes Spence but why would he tell her that? Helen doesn't think Nick voted Dave out. Candice says Nick is a wildcard and would be smart to keep Elissa in as a target. Helen says but he's close to GM. Candice says, no they're not that close [Candice is very perceptive]. She thinks they're play close but not that close. She doesn't think Nick would vote w/ GM and he's the one to watch. You never know what he's thinking like Dan.
  16. Wednesday, July 3 Live Feed Updates

    That's what I see - Andy/Elissa & Jeremy/Aaryn are pretty even. Jeremy's faster than Andy (but Andy has smaller hands).. Jeremy got his ball out - they win!
  17. Wednesday, July 3 Live Feed Updates

    Just wanted to post this because I watched it and saw it reported differently. 4:30pm BBT: Helen & Candice talking. Candice tells Helen Spencer told her to vote Elissa out. Helen tells Candice to go back and check because she thinks Candice is confused. Candice says she is sure because Spencer gave his reasoning - to vote Elissa out because she may win MVP. Helen says, OR he said to keep Elissa because she may win MVP. Candice says she will go back and check. 4:32pm BBT: Candice goes to talk to Spencer in cockpit, asks if he said to keep Elissa. Spencer says no, vote Elissa out. Candice says she just wants to double check because people keep coming up to her and saying other stuff. Spencer tells her not to listen to anyone but him. [sorry I haven't been helping as much as I should...I plan to try when I have more time because I really appreciate the people who post updates!]
  18. Friday, June 28 Live Feed Updates

    (sorry I'm not going to get detailed too much but this is a must-flashback moment) 11:13BBT Camera 2 - Elissa & Aaryn talking things out, making up. Aaryn initiates by apologizing and Elissa gives her a hug. As they are talking, several people in & out of the bathroom including Amanda, Andy & David.
  19. Friday, June 28 Live Feed Updates

    10:07BBT - Helen and Andy are revealing some truths to each other. Andy asks Helen what she does at Blue Cross. She says she told everyone she (inaudible) but it's not true. She said it's not a lie, just a stretch of the truth. [lol that this is okay yet Elissa is being crucified for lying about who her sister is initially] She tells Andy about her profession as a political consultant. He tells her how he is very quick at thinking on his feet but doesn't want people to know. They high five to symbolize keeping each other's secrets.
  20. Nominated: Jessie and Candice!!! (sorry for the earlier confusion)
  21. Correction, I know Jessie was nominated but I don't think Kaitlin is. Might be Candice.
  22. I saw a glimpse of the memory wall and it appears Kaitlin is nominated along with Jessie.
  23. I'm glad you brought that up because you reminded me. When Dan interrupted Ian's first question, Julie chastised him but Ian was interrupting Dan constantly and was never told to stop. Let's at least be real and truthful here.
  24. People can say whatever they want about Dan but he has been the most gracious, grounded person in the cast since he got out of the house - and had the most entertaining interviews. He's not an idiot that "forgot there was a jury" at the end of the game. He misjudged the jury's perceptions of the F3, he lost the final HOH, he rushed out a jury speech and didn't quite hit the mark, but this jury had their minds made up before the Q&A/Speeches. Either way, Dan recognizes his mistakes and gives Ian credit where credit is due - and he's not bitter like some others. Yes, a big part of this game is getting the votes at the end - obviously. That doesn't change the fact that Dan played a phenomenal game. He didn't bring home the big prize but he made this season worth watching and I'm still misted.
  25. I was thinking the same exact thing. They are both acting bitter and need to just get over it and realize other people were there to play their own game and not to hand them (Danielle/Shane) the game. Shane says Dan cost him $500K - maybe, maybe not. But, since when was it Dan's responsibility to make sure Shane made enough money to pay his "overdue bills" and get his parents out of debt? And Danielle says she is so mad at Dan and doesn't know if she'll ever talk to him again (Dan should be so lucky). My prediction: Shane and Danielle give this thing a try but when Danielle mentions she wants to move to Vermont, he freaks out and cuts it off completely. Danielle holds onto her anger at Dan until she realizes he doesn't care as much as she cares - she'll be trying to get Dan's number and inviting herself to Michigan for a visit in no time.