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    Cody Calafiore (Week 1)

    "I like a girl that has a good body, that goes to the gym regularly, that works on her body, that has a good body, that has a nice body. Oh yeah, good personality helps too." That right there tells me that there's nothing beneath those abs. Just your typical jock.
  2. Had a feeling she'd do the "In Texas, we say things but we don't really mean it" nonsense. Considering the horrible history of racism in the South, they not only say things, they mean them, and, most importantly, they DO them. She should know better, considering she's younger and has been exposed to diversity and different ways of thinking, but she only reinforces the tradition. When Julie confronted her with some things she said, I think she began to say "I never said..." but Julie cut her off and then said something like that every word is recorded. She knew she couldn't just deny it, but instead went on to rationalize her bigotry. What a horrible human being.
  3. Bos3000

    Helen - DE/Week 7

    Helen = corporate media / political class HGs = your average American voter She's masterful at manipulation, though she's lucky she's encountered a bunch of idiots, as others have said. And she knows it. She read everyone pretty quickly and uses each person according to their strengths in order to gain and maintain power. And she doesn't have to win anything, people do the work for her, working against their own interests in order to further her objectives. The fact that she would align herself with Aaryn says it all. Attacking Candice. Crying on command. Pep talks. Etc. She's a bad person in a different way than Aaryn. The latter is an uninformed, intolerant, delusional imbecile. The former is a smart, observant power-hungry politician.
  4. Bos3000

    BB 15 General Discussion - Part 2

    At the end of the day, I think most people watch BB to root for someone or for a group of people. But yeah, this year, there's no one to root for. And the manipulation by the production has reached an all-time high, with the end result being that Amanda is running the house. The rest of the players are either too stupid to realize that, or there's a high degree of manipulation going on in the DR. Whatever it is, there's little drama and few surprises.
  5. 1. Kaitlin. 2. McPizza will bite his nails at some point. 3. SInce it's a stupid competition decided by random chance, I'd say GM or Spencer.
  6. Bos3000

    Kaitlin - Week 4 - Evicted (July 25)

    Very pretty girl, extremely athletic, underrated in terms of intelligence, much more articulate than some others in the house (compare her use of "like" to Jessie and Aaryn's). But she doesn't have much of a personality and it took her too long to realize that she's playing BB. Her showmance with Jeremy was a total waste of time and didn't really help her. In a couple years, she'll be forgotten in the BB universe.
  7. Bos3000

    Howard - Week 4

    His game is puzzling. I wouldn't call him a typical floater, given that he was in a large alliance. So he's just there now. I wanted to root for him, but he doesn't give anyone a reason to even care about him now. He's not a difference-maker. He doesn't like to talk. Does he really think that is a winning strategy?
  8. Bos3000

    Judd - Week 4 - HOH

    Exactly. There was a conversation a few nights ago he had with Elissa in the backyard. She needed him to repeat everything he said twice, and I'm not so sure she understood it the second time. Judd sounds like a bad actor when he acts stoned. The mumbling is just too much.
  9. Bos3000

    McCrae - Week 4

    I liked him the first week. He was awkward, but an intriguing awkward. But damn, as it turns out, the guy is really as uninteresting as it gets. On top of it, he's dirty and wears pajamas all day long. And his game is weak.
  10. Bos3000

    Andy - Week 4

    Or as he would put it... "Part of me didn't want to win HOH this week, since that could put a target on me. I have good relations with everybody in the house." He's a floater and proud of it.
  11. Bos3000

    Jeremy - Week 3 - Evicted (July 18)

    I agree. Never liked it.
  12. Bos3000

    Helen - Week 4

    She makes it so hard to like her.
  13. Bos3000

    GinaMarie - Week 4 - Replacement Nominee

    She's the least interesting, least funny person in the house, a house that includes Judd and Elissa. With the exception of her crying marathon, which, for a minute, was entertaining, she's never led an interesting conversation or had an interesting thought in the house. Her stories are the worst stories I can imagine. The girl is as dull as it gets, and she doesn't get that the whole New York attitude thing makes it worse. On top of it, she's bigoted. But probably safe this week. She might get nominated, but I don't think anyone will vote to evict her.
  14. Bos3000

    Andy - Week 4

    He always looks surprised.
  15. Bos3000

    Amanda - Week 4

    Playing a great game thus far. She's the most entertaining in the DR. She lies frequently, but isn't seen as a big target by anyone, even after getting involved in a showmance.