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    What's your play style?

    The reason I spectate BB and post here is because I'd probably be the Adam of any season I was on.
  2. I would never have opened this Pandora's Box. 5k + champagne is not greater than 500k or 50k for making it to final 2. She put a target on her back!
  3. I think if Shelly threw a competition, she might actually win it.
  4. Wasn't that Hurricane Rachel when she stepped back into the house in Season 12?
  5. I just want to say, I think Rachel is originally from North Carolina - right? I am hoping her family is OK through Hurricane Irene and the BB will keep her informed if anything is different.
  6. I like this twist!! But I am also now interested in the pregnancy thing - is she or isn't she.
  7. chris02569

    Rachel - Week 7

    I just hope she can toss this HOH to Jordan, keeping her hands totally clean this week!
  8. chris02569

    Shelly - Week 7

    If she doesn't win HOH or Veto I bet she IS out of there!
  9. chris02569

    Jeff - Week 7 - HoH & PoV

    Now the question is, who does he take down? I would have to say take down Kalia because it would just be funny to see Daniele lose to Porsche.
  10. chris02569

    Kalia - Week 7 - Nominee - Current HOH

    I think it's a guarantee that she will be going to jury. I see Daniele fighting so hard for the veto that she gets it and then bye-bye Kalia!
  11. chris02569

    Brendon - Week 6 - Evicted 8/18 Jury #1

    As much as I really like Brendon and Rachel (and I really do) - I wish Daniele would have backdoored Rachel. Brendon is just so good without her and last year, his rally after Rachel's eviction saved the season...until they evicted him and it became the most boring show on the face of the earth.
  12. chris02569

    Daniele - Week 6 - HoH

    I think Daniele should keep Rachel and Brendon this week. It seems to me if both Jeff, Jordan, Brendon and Rachel are in the jury, no matter what, Daniele will probably not win this game - and certainly would not if any of J/J were in the F2 with her. Realistically, she should drag out B/R as far as possible...it would be in her best interests to backdoor Jeff since one of the guaranteed votes to keep him is up on the block and unable to vote. Also, Daniele (also realistically) will need to think about sending Kalia and Porche both to jury so that she has their votes as well - preferably in a way that keeps her hands clean throughout it - e.g. with a B/R HOH in upcoming weeks.
  13. chris02569

    Shelly - Week 6 - Nominee

    This is totally Shelly's week to go. Certainly, at least one of Rachel, Brendon, Jeff or Jordan will be absolutely fighting for their life in the veto.
  14. chris02569

    Daniele - Week 6 - HoH

    I would trade Kalia for Brenchel any day in the BB house.
  15. chris02569

    Daniele - Week 6 - HoH

    I highly doubt at this point that R/B would keep Shelly. R did figure out that Shelly is the one that said last week she made a deal with Dani and Kalia.