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  1. It can get more boring, Jordan. Jordan is one of the most boring HG's of all-time. She can't be mean very often because she doesn't have any thoughts in her head, period. She has zero personality, none. Jordan has been pretty miserable all season. Acting entitled, moping around, saying she is on her period all the time and that is why she acts like she is. At least Porsche had a good attitude throughout the show, and would smile and goof around once in awhile. And Adam has zero business in the house let alone a final 2, he is a turd.
  2. I have been on record as saying Rachel is my least favorite HG of all time. However, I have to be objective and give this girl props. She has played a good game since B left the game and have come to find her somewhat acceptable now. If she wins I will not be upset with the result because she would be worthy of holding the check IMO. Her game-play has been ok, which is surprising, and she has been very good in the comps when she needed to. I really am hoping for a Rachel/Porsche final 2. The winner of the final HOH between those two should be the victor this season, I see no other fair way for it to be played out then that.
  3. I have watched this season from start to finish, watched a lot of the feeds and I don't remember at any time Porsche being mean to Jordan. Jordan didn't have the time of day for Porsche is what I saw. Jordan had her group, her alliance and that was enough coattails to ride. Seems like Rachel made good enough friends with Porsche throughout the show. It seems like everyone in the jury made friends with her except for Jejo. Jordan talked way more crap about Porsche then Porsche about Jordan, yet it is ok for one but not the other. Jordan had no business in this house and deserved to be voted out, she even admitted so. bitter much?
  4. in other words......she was on the opposite alliance of my favorite player so I hate her guts.
  5. Jordan was in the BB house this summer? I guess I couldn't see her riding on Jeff, Rachel's and AG's coattails all season. Her not making the final two this year is pretty horrible. She couldn't win a comp to save her life. She went out with "class" because of who she was going up against, she had no argument to stay against her friend Rachel. However, if Adam wouldve used that veto on Tuesday you think she wouldve gone out with class? So far everyone has gone out with class outside of Jeff.
  6. Well, I think Jordan didn't want the confinement for 24 hrs, I am not naive enough to think that was at least part of her position. Oh no, there I go "insulting" again...sigh.
  7. guy is a gutless coward and I hope he goes this week. Make a play already you dolt.
  8. Sounds like it. She does have 5 days to convince them. As much people hate this woman right now you have to at least like her a bit for a TV show like this. She is at least entertaining and can play the villain. It is much more fun when the Yankees are in the world series because they are a villain, better than a nothing like Adam in the house, right? again, at least Shelly is playing the game, you have to give that to her.
  9. She could not have said no, did you know what game that was? Shelly had the veto and Jordan took it and gave confinement and a phone call. She couldn't say, no thanks I'll keep this veto,lol. I'm not saying it wasn't a nice move, but there was also 24 hr confinement that I don't think Jordan or anyone else in the house wanted. You don't know Jordan's full intentions. You don't know if Jordan was desperate to speak to her family but would take 24 hrs of confinement and bread. It was nice, but it wasn't what it has been made out to be either, I think everyone else in the house excluding perhaps Kalia wouldve done it.
  10. I agree, never said you couldn't or shouldn't.
  11. I thought this was a message board and we are discussing the events happening on the show. I didn't know this was a Jejo fan site and could only talk crap about the people going up against them, that wasn't what Morty's is. It is a place to talk BB, you know the game many of you liked before you fell in love with Jejo?
  12. ok, if Jordan wouldn't have gone home who wouldve? I guess they couldve voted Adam off, but I highly doubt that, either way Shelly is safe, correct? Agreed Rachel won fair and square, but that shouldn't be able to keep Jordan safe, it should have nothing to do with Jordan this late in the game. As much as I dislike Rachel the last two seasons on this show, she deserves credit when credit is due, big win for her. Let's not forget that Jordan also gave Shelly confinement for 24 hrs with the phone call, and Jordan also took the veto. Was it a nice gesture? I guess, but who wouldn't have done that in that position? And btw, it is only a game.
  13. IMO the edits have not only of course been kind to Jejo, as they always are, they have been EXTREMELY kind to Shelly. You are right that Shelly has gone way overboard with Rachel ever since Rachel tried to out her to Jejo a couple weeks back. But the edits don't show that, and the vast majority who watch this show watch only the CHS show. The majority of America who watch this show don't know how vicious Shelly has been towards Rachel so I don't buy too much into your theory.
  14. Last night on the feeds, trying to catch up right now, Porsche said she had no choice but to open it otherwise she would have given a penalty of some-sort to everyone in the house and she didn't want to do that to them. Now, I don't know if that is true of course, and she couldve easily confused something, but if that is true then shame on AG. Also what was up with the delay in the veto? They have to set it up so it could favor certain people?
  15. It isn't about being rational or bias, it is about what happened, what are the facts that are not up for debate without bias. I agree with you that game philosophy and opinion there is no absolute truth, however this week it's different because of the twist..... 1. If Pbox twist wasn't throw in this week would shelly be safe this week and perhaps beyond? 2. If Pbox twist wasn't throw in this week would Jordan be going to jury? aren't both of those answers yes? The only people distorting reality is people who believe what "did shelly in was this that or the other". What did shelly in right now was the new twist, can't that at least be agreed upon? Like I wrote earlier, I don't think shelly would be in the final two in any scenario with or without Jeff, but I do feel that she made a play to further herself in the game had it not been of course for this twist.