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  1. homehearties

    Drew from BB5 arrested

    he's gay now? Was he the one who had a twin brother, or am I getting him confused with someone else?
  2. homehearties

    Ashley, Week 1

    So far, she's my favorite.
  3. homehearties

    After Party Feeds 9/14

    wait, Dick said something about punching Dani in the face? that's low
  4. homehearties

    Adam - Week 11 - Evicted 9/14 Jury #7

    Adam, RAchel never promised F2 with you, never. And you wouldn't have taken her either, so stop whining and grow up
  5. homehearties

    Porsche - BB13 Second Place

    the look on her face when Shelly's key said Rachel...priceless
  6. homehearties

    After Party Feeds 9/14

    funny how both Adam and Kalia thought they were the best when in actuality everyone else thought they were the worst :/ also, pretty disappointed Adam voted for Porsche, voting for Rachel could have redeemed him a little in my eyes
  7. homehearties

    Rachel - BB13 Winner!

    YAY Rachel YAY Rachel YAY YAY YAY Rachel!!
  8. yeah, i think that's right-he sees himself as a vet now, not a newbie
  9. I wish Jordan the best. As soon as she was done talking to Julie the other night, I thought she is going to win AC choice for sure. I hope she does, unless Rachel doesn't make F2, tehn I hope Rachel does.
  10. Adam is just trying his last ditch efforts, trying to get Porsche angry with Rachel, and since he never really liked Rachel anywany, he can just say the things he doesn't like about her. RAchel.....win part 3, win part 3!!!
  11. homehearties

    Adam - Week 11 - Evicted 9/14 Jury #7

    GRRRRRR Adam shut up!!
  12. IF Porsche beats RAchel, I will be soooooo mad!
  13. homehearties

    Adam - Week 11 - Evicted 9/14 Jury #7

    wow...lol. no, i get what you're saying
  14. I wish I could love Jeff and Jordan like everyone else (most) here, then I could fit in better lol
  15. it probably would have hurt my feelings if I were gay. But I don't think he said it maliciously.
  16. I can't quite understand why he would say that? It's like encouraging her to pick Porsche. I think Adam got his gameplay confused.
  17. homehearties

    Live Feed Updater Appreciation Thread

    I just want to say thank you so much to the updaters! It doesn't escape me the work you put into being accurate and timely. Thank you so much, without you my BB experience would not be what it is.
  18. homehearties

    Morty Appreciation Thread

    THANKS MORTY ~homehearties
  19. homehearties

    Live Feed and BB AfterDark - 9/9 - 9/12

    We have 4 more days to wait come onnnnnnn Rachel!
  20. homehearties

    Adam - Week 11 - Evicted 9/14 Jury #7

    But they do have 90 minutes, so there will probably be time.
  21. homehearties

    Adam - Week 11 - Evicted 9/14 Jury #7

    I don't understand-how can he lose Rachel's vote if he sends her home? She can't vote for him anyway if he keeps her, right? Also, why would Brendon voter for Adam, if Rachel is right there beside Adam?? I'm confused edit: wait, I think I get it, he's talking about number of votes right? duh
  22. I'm sorry I said anything-I shouldn't have!! (sorry) It's true, we are all hypocrites sometimes!! And if I think someone is hypocritical, I will overlook, because I know I too have done that, in chat forums and in real life. And if anyone wants to call Porsche a lard ass-I won't judge
  23. Well I just thought it was hypocritical, wehn people jump down poster's throats for posting something negative about Jordan on her thread, and then those same people come over to Porsche's thread and are really hateful in their language toward Porsche in her thread. I'm just calling it like a see it-and it's not hard to see, and I don't even like Porsche- I wasn't specifically directing it toward Kywild(promise)EDIT-I actuall tought the comment come on Porsche fall in that ____ was hilarious!