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  1. Spencer - DE/Week 11 (HoH)

    Plenty pretty women in Arkansas smart enough to know that AK means Alaska. Duh!
  2. Mike "Boogie", Week 5

    Honestly, I am not a fan of Boogs or Jani. I promise you.
  3. Mike "Boogie", Week 5

    Especially if they look like a genital wart.
  4. Mike "Boogie", Week 5

    He looks like a genital wart.
  5. Ashley, Week 5

    Ashley Ruth Grodner.
  6. I thought Ashley was an invalid. Maybe they get to lie on their backs and point to the answer for this one. Or grunt once for yes and twice for no.
  7. Danielle, Week 5

    Being overweight would be the least of that girl's problems.
  8. Mike "Boogie", Week 5

    I think he looks like a genital wart.
  9. Luck to you, Lane. Im done.
  10. Hayden - Week 10 WINNER OF BB12

    Luck to you, Hayden. I'm done.
  11. Enzo - Week 10

    Luck to you, Enzo. Im done.
  12. If its Musicfest they are talking about they dont need any advertisement and probably arent keen to Big Brother. I wouldnt mind going, myself.
  13. Enzo - Week 10

    Im glad for him that he got all five. I would be so pissed to have Lane beat me. Ouch! I think that Enzo might still get the 50K if Hayden wins 3. Loved Enzo's family. Pretty wife. Lovely mom. Supportive group. Italian American snapshot sublime. Cant beat that. Win or Lose.