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  1. Hikiki

    Faysal Shafaat

    If some guy told me that I was like a cat who liked to eat, sleep and complain, I’d snap at him. It’s so belittling. Ok, so I’d probably not snap but make a snide joke back and would remember it as a mark against him.
  2. Hikiki

    Faysal Shafaat

    His attitude is gross. I remember when he won the first veto he was rolling up meat and cheese and gloating in such a way that I found it gross then. He popped a lot of protein in his mouth, relatively fast and bragged a bunch. I was annoyed and couldn’t see what the ladies in the house were seeing. He definitely thinks he’s awesome and if he wasn’t HoH, I bet he’d still not clean up this giant mess. But I also hate how Haleigh gave into his sexual badgering, despite how she feels about it. As soon as they are out of the house and this show, I bet she’s done with him
  3. Hikiki

    Faysal Shafaat

    Sadly predictable. He’s full of excuses, when he really nominated them because he’s crazy, jealous. Poor Haleigh. Too bad, she caved on sex. It’s only going to get worse.
  4. Hikiki

    Kaycee Clark

    She’s far more likable than Christmas ever was. That makes her more dangerous. I really like her
  5. Hikiki

    Brett Robinson

    If they can respect his gameplay, people sometimes vote for the villain
  6. Hikiki

    Angie "Rockstar" Lantry

    In their wildest dreams, I don’t think, they’d think RS would give Tyler the answer. She told Julie it was a moment of self doubt, which is what it looked like to me.
  7. Hikiki

    Faysal Shafaat

    This makes me think he’ll put Brett up. He practically seethes every time Haleigh talks to him.
  8. Hikiki

    Angela Rummans

    Same, she’s gorgeous and perfectly fit. That being said, she’s still awful. RS’s body positioning was awkward when she was talking to Julie. Thrusting her chest out and shoulders back like that almost came off as desperate. I felt a bit bad.
  9. Hikiki

    Sam Bledsoe

    Sam is loosing her mind, and it’s painful to watch
  10. Hikiki

    Brett Robinson

    His one flaw is the other side sees him as an idiot.
  11. Hikiki

    Kaycee Clark

    That makes the most sense. im hoping she stays
  12. Hikiki

    JC Monduix

    It would be smart, but not Kaycee!!!
  13. Hikiki

    Tyler Crispen

    I don’t understand why he’d use the veto. Sure,y, he knew another member of his alliance would go up. It shows too much
  14. Hikiki

    Kaycee Clark

    I really like her. Well done, Kaycee!
  15. Hikiki

    Angie "Rockstar" Lantry

    I definitely think she’s staying. I was just explain how I thought she was thinking. She’s not bright at all. Her husband is most probably annoyed