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  1. She was hilarious in the jury house.
  2. Oh goodness, that was a lot to express one idea. I guess I'd hesitate to call Matt a trailblazer. It seems to give him too much credit. And house guests have flagrantly ignored the rules in the past and received the same penalty. This feels like you were practically yelling at me. I've watched every season too, but I can't say I remember every detail nor would I want to
  3. I don't think he was the first. I do think BB needs to change the penalties though to something more severe like effecting their stipend.
  4. Could be (about the ant & rat problem). I actually think tearing up the house makes it harder to find things, which maybe the motivation for some of them, but then it's also harder for you. Maybe its BBs way of getting them to actually clean??
  5. Hikiki

    Who should get AFP?

    But you can't hate them either so it would work for me
  6. The towel issue would bother me. I'd have to keep my towels separate. There are dirty towels everywhere so I'd find it hard to trust that the clean towels were clean.
  7. They also listened to Paul and didn't ask the HoH themselves. These people take what Paul says as law and they couldn't even remember if Jason said it or not.
  8. I thought something similar last year too. He used Pablo to get them to underestimate him.
  9. Thank you For the clip
  10. They could annoy the entire house with telling him to sleep in HN room all night long etc. keep the entire house miserable until he complies
  11. Because the veto ceremony didn't go exactly as Paul wanted this time. Paul wanted the single player voted out so that a pair missing their partner didn't scoop him up. He wants them all to need Paul. So now it's time to ostracize Kevin and make him the new scapegoat. this season is just depressing
  12. She's really yelling at Kevin because he asked her if she was going in the pool vs. sitting on the side of it? Ridiculous I am disliking her more and more. At least when she gets out, she'll be able to blame her poor behavior on pain meds, but gross
  13. This guy is probably going home this week, but his thread is still on page 2, and I had to click to the second page of the thread list to even find it.Well actually, I had to scroll through all the pages a couple times to find it there. I think that pretty much sums up his BB existence. I won't be sad to see him go
  14. Hilarious observation. I'd say she's a hot mess, but she's really just a mess
  15. His boys, friendship & gumpy talks are so stupid. Maybe I'm too old, but it sounds like teenage nonsense.