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  1. She eats like 10x a day...she needs to start moving around or she's going to weigh 300 lbs and they'll have to roll her out of the house! I've really never seen anyone eat as much as she does! .
  2. 2KrazyBBB

    Adam - Week 9 - POV winner

    If Adam tells Kalia to shut up, he's going to get my vote for AF.
  3. 2KrazyBBB

    Rachel - Week 9 - HOH

    Thanks for reminding everyone. Once that crap gets started it spreads like a virus! I hope we don't have to miss anything...I'm looking forward to Rachel getting Kalia out of the house! Hopefully P will follow close behind!
  4. 2KrazyBBB

    Porsche - Week 9 - Nominated

    I think you're spot on. Whatever the reason, I sure can't wait for Kalia to leave! She's disgusting. P is slutty, but K is gross.
  5. 2KrazyBBB

    Pandora's Box #2

    I don't know why but my first thought when they said ONE house guest would be happy, was Tori Spelling. Adam's life would be complete and they could just send him home!
  6. 2KrazyBBB

    Rachel - Week 9 - HOH

    :party_smilie: :party_smilie: :party_smilie: Go Rachel!!!!
  7. 2KrazyBBB

    Kalia - Week 8/DE Part 1 HoH

    Happy to report the Moocher is eating like Kalia! So relieved!
  8. 2KrazyBBB

    Kalia - Week 8/DE Part 1 HoH

    Moochie is looking better today! For some reason though, I still have an urge to slap Kalia! Go figure.
  9. 2KrazyBBB

    Kalia - Week 8/DE Part 1 HoH

    :smitten: :smitten: :clap: :wub: Kitty love!
  10. 2KrazyBBB

    America's Choice - Jury Prize $25,000

    Yeah, he is that!
  11. 2KrazyBBB

    America's Choice - Jury Prize $25,000

    Definitely Rachel for the Dani back stab, pretending she would keep her then slamming her in the good bye message. Was Hilarious!
  12. 2KrazyBBB

    Kalia - Week 8/DE Part 1 HoH

    Thanks, he's not doing well and I don't know what's wrong. I'm just so frustrated I want to slap someone! kalia would do just fine. Moochie is my little bad boy. He climbs up the blinds, pulls down the curtains, steals cookies from the other cats...and we all just laugh. He was fighting with a foster cat I was keeping once and I broke them up. He bit me so hard I got infected and had to get a tetanus shot! I still managed to hold him and sooth him and calm him down. He was understandably upset that another cat was invading his territory. Kalia would have thrown him against the wall! I have a strong distaste for this woman now. I can't even imagine slamming on the brakes and throwing my pets forward, holding their mouth closed, throwing them in water, slamming them against a wall...something is really wrong with that woman.
  13. I'm with you! I find Rachel's big heart to be the most appealing thing about her. I agree, she is misunderstood.
  14. 2KrazyBBB

    Kalia - Week 8/DE Part 1 HoH

    Listening to her talk has become so annoying. She's an annoying, disgusting, self indulgent, animal abuser! I cannot see her gone soon enough! (sorry, my cat is sick and in the hospital and I'm so annoyed that this person is allowed to own an animal. I cringe for her little dog and how scared he must be all the time!)