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  1. Vegas

    yes, I saw that and hoped Lane didn't get drunk and shoot her at the end of the night
  2. Vegas

  3. Their Own Pages

    I could not read Ragan's blog without hearing his delecate whiney sobby voice in my head. I can hear it now just thinking about him. Maybe I need to lay off BB for a while. The people they choose seem to be getting worse!
  4. BB 13

    Here's a novel idea, how about having a multi-cultural BB? How appropriate would that be? I would love to see 11(?) people of different backgrounds/cultures co-existing together rather than the typical superficial dull predictable drones you usually choose. I think it would be educational and promote tolerance in this relatively xenophobic society of ours. And the best thing is Ms. Producer, you don't even have to pay me for the idea. I would be rewarded in the promotion of co-existing, or should I say, anti-homogenization?
  5. BB 13

    ...or worse, Jesse or Nat!!!!
  6. Sunday's "Preview"

    as a woman I have to agree. Neither of those two (Three counting reagan) other women stood up to Kristen. Not only is she better looking, she seems much more intelligent. If she had had a chance and had she not hooked up with heyday, she would have gone further. At any rate, I am voting for her, ....and I am voting freguently since you can vote numerous times online for free. Not that I condone cheating, I'm just saying...If not her then maybe Brendon. The others can f-off.
  7. Sunday's "Preview"

    where to start... The first thing I realized after just watching this was that there was no real dirt to surface. I don't have the live feeds, so I was hoping to see something I hadn't previously known about. God it was as boring as the last few weeks has been. Okay, so that's my review of the preview. There is one good thing to come from it though. I now feel that I will vote for Kristen for the america's fave for the $25 grand. She really didn't have half a chance to play coz first of all, Andrew blasted her and Hayen for making out. Big effing deal! Okay, then rachel (small caps intentional) played it up and used that as a point to debate. I feel that Kristen was really dissed simply coz she was making out with Hayden, yet Here Hayden is in the F2 while Kristen gets nothing, yet they were both in this together. She totally deserves the prize because she was persecuted for doing what comes natural to us. She was ROBBED! So now I shall start voting for her. Anyone else with me? It would really piss Rachel off if Kristen won, even more than it would if Matt won it. That is where I will find my redemption for bearing with this for the last three months to see justice done. Thoughts?
  8. Live Feed and BB After Dark 9/11 - 9/14

    re: Enzo, omg, I feel so guilty for laughing at that remark! But yeah, I kind of got that impression as well. I'm trying to imagine how much of a rude awakening this will be for them to find out how mediocre they all really are. Humility is supposed to be good for growth though - if it doesn't send you over the edge. I agree about the selling of the junk on ebay and recall nat tried to sell her funky k-mart bball shorts. If memory serves, she got nothing from it. If Enzo tries to sell his penguin outfit, I'll be shocked if someone buys it - watching him sweat in it for days. ugh. And it didn't even look cool like the banana man's costume. Don't recall the guy's name in the banana suit but he was my favorite from last season.
  9. Live Feed and BB After Dark 9/11 - 9/14

    question: is it common for BB HGs to talk about "doing gigs" after the show? I missed several seasons being out of the country several years. But the talk from these guys, enzo saying he's going to quit his job to travel around doing gigs, and hayden talks about doing clubs - I don't get it. Is this embarrassing as I cringe when I hear it or does this really happen with the BB HGs after the show? I recall last season when nat-the-rat mentioned it as well. But have heard/read little about her since the finale. I mean, I'm a BB fan and like to have fun, but the idea of going to a club to see any of the three I just mentioned would repulse me. Not sure if it's just me.
  10. Live Feed and BB After Dark 9/9 - 9/10

    I know. When I see Hayden's big teeth I wonder how he managed to kiss Kristen so passionately.
  11. Live Feed and BB After Dark 9/9 - 9/10

    I thought Sunday was a preview compilation and the next real show will be Wednesday. Just watched tonight's episode, got home late, but that's the way I understood it. Pls correct me if I'm wrong. Thanks!
  12. Who will be F2? And, who wins BB12?

    thanks Pinkie! I was dying of curiosity, yet hoping they would not extend the comp, which apparently they have
  13. Who will be F2? And, who wins BB12?

    Hi All, just got home. did they play the rest of the competition tonight? I don't see that anyone has won final hoh...
  14. Which Season Was Worse?

    lol! so true. And don't forget Brit harrassing the homeless folks on her way to the mall!
  15. About Wednesday's "Live" Show

    good on you! I did too!