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  1. Thursday Live Show 8/5

    I say Brittany has this in the bag.
  2. Thursday Live Show 8/5

    Hope to see some puking going round and round...LMAO!!
  3. Thursday Live Show 8/5

    I think if they get the chance all the brigade members will throw the HOH to Brittany.
  4. Live Feed and BBAD 8/2

    I hope she uses it and Rachel puts up either Enzo or Lane as replacement. OMG, they would be so pissed at Hayden...LMAO!!
  5. Britney - Week 4 (PoV)

    I love this too. Either way somebody is gonna be PISSED. If she doesn't use it Hayden & Kristen will NEVER believe it was a last minute decision. And if she does, does Rachel change her mind and NOT nominate Kathy as a replacement to make sure Kristen goes home???? Can you imagine if she puts up Enzo as a replacement??? Enzo will be LIVID at Hayden!!!
  6. Live Feed and BBAD 8/2

    Brittany just assured Rachel that she would not use the POV, she goes to tell Hayden but is called to the DR before she can. Outdoor lockdown called while Brittany is in DR.....POV meeting to be held without Brittany having the chance to talk to Hayden Sooooo, who will Brittany backstab?? Will she follow through with the agreement she had with Hayden & Kristen as of last night or will she follow through with the agreement she just made with Rachel. Can't wait until this POV meeting is over!!!
  7. Sunday 8/1 Show

    That's what I saw. And a couple of liars too!
  8. Live Feed and BB After Dark 7/31

    Kristen has to wear a hippietard? Oh she is NOT gonna be a happy camper.
  9. Live Feed and BB After Dark 7/31

    Britt won't use it. Kristen is PISSED!!!
  10. Live Feed and BB After Dark 7/31

    Oh yeah, Andrew wanted him to use it on him so he could come after him...LOL!
  11. Live Feed and BB After Dark 7/31

    Wo, long POV comp. Hasn't the POV been used everytime so far this season?
  12. Matt - Week 4

    He's not smart the other houseguests are just stupid!
  13. Kathy - Week 4

    There ya go. You know those houseguests are thinking the same thing.
  14. Voting for the new Saboteur

    Voted for Matt. I'm for anything that will f**k with that diabolical dickheads game.
  15. Kristen - Week 4 (Nominee)

    But Rachel will start thinking to hard and will think that Kristen has some secret agenda. So she'll just show Kristen and NOT nominate her...LOL!