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  1. Enzo is by far my favorite, he has my sense of humor and makes me laugh, i couldn't be in that house if it wasn't for him cuz nobody else would make me laugh and for the least fav is ANNIE or ANDREW.
  2. darren

    Annie - Week 1

    Annie is hurting herself, She just needs to shut up and i agree, if anyone else asks her one more damn time "What happened?" i'm gonna throw up.
  3. darren

    Live Feed and BB After Dark 7/12

    Anyone see when Annie was laying down in her bedroom, Paranoid, Mad, Upset, Nervous And Then All of a sudden BB says, "Kathy come to the diary room!" And it scared the shit outta Annie, She Screamed "Shit!!" Last night was a good BBAD!
  4. darren


    Yeah, It's Not Andrew. I'm Thinking Britney And I'm Pretty Sure About It. I Think Hayden And Rachel Are The People That Have Known Each Other Forever Before The House.
  5. darren

    Hayden - Week 1 (HoH)

    i like him and enzo.
  6. darren

    Annie - Week 1

    It was right when BB after dark came on, he put his head up her towel for some reason and she didn't have anything on but her panties for some reason. hahaha I agree, i can't stand her. i also think she's the sab.
  7. darren

    Rachel - Week 1

    she's eye candy
  8. darren

    Andrew - Week 1

    i agree. i don't think he's the sab. but he's a doctor i don't like him anyways. lol
  9. darren

    Matt - Week 1

    I agree I don't like this dude either, he just follows people around and kisses ass. Did you see him on bb after dark? He just kept asking enzo about what andrew what asking him and was saying, "no shit?" lol stupid.