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  1. RT @DavidRomeiPHD: When I was in the @USArmy JAGC we would have had evidence to conduct an Article 32b investigation and court-martial of #…

  2. RT @66bike: @FrankLuntz @JGSaxon @joshdcaplan Yeah, Erdogans thugs think they can come here and do this kind of shit. They need to be expe…

  3. RT @lauferlaw: @ToddLewiSS @southerntails1 No it won't. The GOP or what's soon to be left of them will vote for articles of impeachment or…

  4. via Facebook https://t.co/YPR13qWzpi This came from the "failing" NY Times, which by the way, it's NOT failing, vie… https://t.co/Cmk5TUNe5C

  5. Help me unlock the safe and win up to $250,000! https://t.co/PMDlDbCn1s https://t.co/AFBHGWFtHz

  6. RT @peterdaou: DEAR REPUBLICANS: A true American patriot focuses on how a hostile power intruded on our elections, not on leaks that reveal…

  7. #HearHear If #Bernout is the future of the DNC, then I and many of the true democrats wants no part of it.… https://t.co/dGbJKV8nJ1

  8. via Facebook https://t.co/vMIpMLBsKB https://t.co/PZK6w98npl

  9. #RIPJoanie https://t.co/qsligia3GX

  10. #IndependenceDay https://t.co/KbWbLiu3MV

  11. RT @cmiche1: Will not disclose Taxes! No visitors log! Warmongering GOP is silent. Trump is a fraud! A psychopathic pathological liar! A co…

  12. via Facebook https://t.co/Zk1Ft1BhWd https://t.co/Cz8o4SGEKN

  13. RT @2tall4u2: @deeshaw @thepoliticalcat @TomPerez @BernieSanders I'm w/u. Not a fucking cent going to DNC until they ban Stagecoach Sanders…

  14. #AllTheMerryMenOfThieves Anybody under FBI investigation should not appoint a lifetime judge 2 the Supreme Court. https://t.co/CtEty9Olpm

  15. Tyvm! Y'all have a great weekend! And #Resist https://t.co/u7WzNlM1G0