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  1. RT @renato_mariotti: To be clear, the indictment indicates nothing about whether there was "collusion" or whether the Russians impacted the…

  2. Trump: 'I'm totally opposed to domestic violence' https://t.co/I6DiZhWJLp says a misogynist pussy grabber. Sure, he does!

  3. Quote of the Day: "Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, men cannot live without a spiritual life." - Buddha

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  6. RT @RonWyden: If this memo comes out, I have a long list of less sensitive, but still classified, information that the American people dese…

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  8. RT @RepAdamSchiff: .@POTUS is threatening to deport the Dreamers if he doesn’t get $18 billion in taxpayer money for his wall. I’m no geniu…

  9. RT @BravenakBlog: Last thing: Remember how Bernie didn't like that bird but only pretended to later when his fans started cheering like it…

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  11. Quote of the Day: "The most worth-while thing is to try to put happiness into the lives of others." - Robert Baden-Powell

  12. RT @WilDonnelly: In Washington's 1796 farewell address he warned that the greatest threats to US democracy would be: Hyper partisanship Ex…

  13. RT @JoyAnnReid: After kneeling to Trump, Mitt Romney begins clawing back pieces of his soul... https://t.co/MBLhh58EDo

  14. RT @ChaseMit: Congratulations to the LA Dodgers for successfully avoiding having to meet the president

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