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  1. Matt - Week 2 - Replacement Nominee

    Matt completely owned Rachel in that discussion. The stats don't lie, Matt is a genius.
  2. Act more like Enzo. Everyone else is boring. Watch your back Brigade, Kristen is getting in the middle. Kathy we get it, you won't sacrifice your morals. Get a new line. Ragan--best gay in BB history.
  3. Saboteur

    I knew Annie was the saboteur ever since the first preseason interview and I never wavered. I can't believe so many thought it was Monet or Kristen. Kristen isn't smart enough and Monet is too dull. Big Brother would never have picked them. Everyone kept saying Kathy because she wasn't in the room. It makes more sense for Big Brother to have the saboteur with everyone so they don't suspect her. Annie was in a perfect place on the floor and returned to the same spot.
  4. Annie - Week 1

    Everyone thinks it's Andrew, but it's too obvious. Annie makes perfect sense. She's the saboteur.
  5. Hayden - Week 1 (HoH)

    The dumbest person in the place would win the first HOH. Complete idiot. Hopefully he pisses someone off to the point where he's gone next week.
  6. Annie - Week 1

    I still think she's the mole.
  7. Andrew Gordon - Pre Season

    I like him. I think he has the potential to do well, but think he'll fall short for some reason.
  8. Matt Hoffman - Preseason

    He's my favorite. Winner of BB12.
  9. Annie Whittington - Preseason

    I think she's the mole. Which i hate because I don't like the idea of having to put up with her for 3 months. You know BB will make sure the mole stays for a long while.
  10. Hayden Moss - Preseason

    DUMB Jock. I can't stand this guy.
  11. The houseguests might not pick up on the mole idea based on Big Brother's quickness to turn aside accusation's of having plants in the house. The hg's will probably start to suspect that the mole is another America's Player though. My first impressions of Kristen were that she reminded me a lot of Kathryn from the Mole Season 1. I hope she's not though.
  12. Early Predictions

    I say Rachel first out, Kristen ftw. I will get a better feel after the interviews though. I am usually pretty good at picking a winner based on the interviews. The last 4 years I picked Jeff, Dan, Adam, and Eric. Not too bad.
  13. Kathy Hillis - Preseason

    She has an annoying accent, a crappy profession, and is fairly unattractive. I don't like her too much based on first impressions.
  14. Andrew Gordon - Pre Season

    Marvin was one of Casey's favorites.
  15. Enzo Palumbo - Preseason

    Can't stand this guy.