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  1. Despite Dani's mistake early in the game she is my favorite this season and I will be sad when she is gone. I know it is the best move for Jeff but I wish it didn't have to happen:( It is all so weird. I couldn't stand Dani in S8. Not really sure why I like her now. Maybe because she made things interesting just when I thought this season was going to be boring.
  2. gutz

    Who Do You Want to Win HoH? (Week 4)

    Dani, not a fan but prefer her over the other vets and she is now targeting B/R.
  3. I chose Lawon as favorite but really I am indifferent and no longer have a favorite at this point and don't really like Lawon that much. Rachel is my least favorite but I do want to see Brendon go before her. I get the feeling I am stuck with both for awhile. Also, Kalia gets on my nerves and it is not her gift of gab or her love of food that annoy me. More on her later.
  4. gutz

    Who do you want to win HOH?

    I chose Adam. Lawon would be my second choice and Dom third. If it can't be a newbie I then choose Jeff(ugh) because there is a slight chance the POV could go wrong for them and B/R could go up. Ultimately I want ANYONE who can get rid of B or R.
  5. gutz

    Brendon - Week 2

    I'd rather watch paint dry than watch B and R. They are NOT the kind of drama I enjoy watching. They are repetitive, boring and sometimes gross.
  6. gutz

    Make your Mark - CBS HOH Questions

    little known fact about this kind of comp....the top vote getter may not be an option. for example lets say they ask which hg is most likely to get lost on the way home from work. the top vote getter may be Rachel BUT they can leave her out of the choices and give us something like Jordan or Porsche and the one out of those two with the most votes is the answer. wish they didn't do it that way but they have in the past.
  7. gutz

    Brendon - Week 2

    Please oh please let him be the one to go next week. I stopped watching my feeds last week. Started back up yesterday but only watching a little of them and some of BBAD. Mostly I am just reading updates. I need a newbie to win HOH on Thurs. It's not because I like them a lot. I just can't stand predictability and I want B/R broken up before jury. It doesn't have to be Brendon going. I'd love to see Rachel leave as well.
  8. gutz

    favorite/least player favorite Poll

    Top 3: 1. Cassi~I like that she realizes the newbies are in trouble. Also like how she is not fake when it comes to Porsche. 2. Lawon~ Not sure why. Just find him likeable. 3. Dani~ Wish she would dump the vets and build a strong alliance with Cassi, Dom and Lawon. Bottom 3: 1. Shelly~ she is the rat this season. 2. Rachel/Brendon~ they count as one, right? 3. Jeff~ he is entitled to his opinion as am I and my opinion of him is not good. I predict the stronger newbies and the vets will battle and take each other out leaving floaters to win. OR the vets will dominate and be the majority towards the end.
  9. gutz

    Jeff - Week 1

    Problem here....you can have a gay character in a book without talking about sex! Heterosexuals are not doing it in children's books so why would one assume that a gay characters are? I have a young daughter. All she needs to know at this age is that people are free to love who they want( or should be anyway). No need to explain sex at this time.
  10. gutz

    Jeff - Week 1

    Totally with you on this. Feel like I just lost a loved one or something. I just can't like him anymore. SAD!
  11. gutz

    Live Feed and BB AfterDark - 7/12

    I guess I missed those convos. Hopefully they will ALL figure it out. I want B/R gone so bad. Let's hope they figure this out:)
  12. gutz

    Live Feed and BB AfterDark - 7/12

    I wish some of these newbies would have a real deep conversation about how B/R has told almost all of them that they trust them and they are safe. That way they will at least have an excuse for putting them up if they win HOH.
  13. gutz

    Newbies or Oldies?

    Some of the newbies but as long as B/R go soon I will be happy with the outcome at this point.
  14. gutz

    Dick - Week 1 DOR

    Still glad Dick is gone and so far the feeds are entertaining. Yes, they are being nice for the most part but it is early. K/P have already created some drama. So far it's way better than last year. I'm not a Dick hater. Just didn't like old house guest returning. Would have liked it more if it had been Rachel who left.
  15. gutz

    Dick - Week 1 DOR

    I wish it had been Rachel that left but the news that the old house guest are down another number leaves me feeling happy. I didn't like their return and nothing turns me off more than cockiness.