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  1. Kimmersxo

    Britney (Coach ), Week 3

    I think she is trying to be more mindful of what she says this time around. I heard her talk about how embarassed she was for some of the things she said about people during her season and she kept repeating how wrong she was.
  2. Kimmersxo

    Ian Terry, Week 3

    I am not a Doctor but I play one on the Internet and he is definitely an Aspergers kid. I have a 19 year old with Aspergers and see a lot of my son him. My son does not stem like Ian does. Stemming is his coping tool to keep in control, so that is when you will see repetitive behavior such as rocking and in his case always moving. Most Aspies are very smart and have a focus that they excel at. My son is into Acting. He can pretty much mimic any actor and memorizes lines quickly and with little effort. Aspies are socially awkward and have a difficult time mixing in with the norm. They usually cannot and do not make eye contact. The fascinating thing is that Aspergers kids are socially awkward. This is such of an accomplishment for Ian to be in that house, but I believe it to be his "focus that he excels at" since he has such knowledge of the game. I saw him name all the players in order of their eviction from season one to current. If that isn’t an Aspies kid I don’t know what it is!
  3. Dani was so mad at Adam going into the Jury house that she may vote for Rachel is if it Rachel vs. Adam. If Dani votes for Rachel you know she will talk Kalia into the same vote. I think Rachel may have this!
  4. Kimmersxo

    Jordan - Week 9

    How can you discount Jordan's HOH? She had a 3! For Jeff or Brendon to score less than a 3 would have been unlikely. She won against everyone BUT them and then they threw it. It pissed me off when they did it because I knew her win would be discounted once again. Jordan may not win at the comps but she wins in the house. She is a great social player who really understands and reads people well. She is also good at talking to someone who needs a pep talk and encouragement. I think Jordan and Rachel have both played great games!
  5. Kalia was just talking with Porsche in the kitchen and Kalia said she thinks she (Kalia) may be America's Player! BAHAHAHAHAHA! Is she is la la land or what! Kalia keeps saying that Rachele and Jordan told her they were voting out Adam 5 minutes before votes that is why she voted for Shelly. Does anyone know if this is true or is she lying out her butt again?
  6. Rachel is not pregnant, she just told Jordan the test came back negative.
  7. Shelly has me lost. All season I kept waiting for her to let us in on what she was thinking in the diary room sessions and not once has she let us in on a clue to what the heck she is doing. I kept getting confused on to whose side she was really on. Shelly is a pot stirrer! She goes to each group with the same information and puts a different spin on it. At least when Dr Will was doing his evil deeds he was telling us what he was doing, that made us like him!
  8. Kimmersxo

    Porshe - Week 6

    Did Porsche get in trouble for mixing Benefiber in with the protein?
  9. Kimmersxo

    Jeff - Week 6

    I agree with Kywildcat, it was in his best interest not to take it and carry the responsibility and blame for either changing the nominations or not changing them. Jeff and Jordan were talking before the pov comp and Jordan told Jeff to take the prizes and that is how they both should play. Jordan even made a joke that with her luck she would end up with the unitard!
  10. Kimmersxo

    Daniele - Week 6 - HoH

    Dani made a deal with Rachel last week, let's see if she is going to keep it! I think that is why Rachel stayed up in HOH last night and wanted to talk. Dani should turn on Kalia and Porshe and get them out and then let the real players play the game!
  11. Kimmersxo

    Kalia - Week 6

    Kalia made her own stupid moves in her HOH, Dani had little or nothing to do about it. Dani was upset when she put up Lawon. Kalia needs to take the blame for this stupid mistake.
  12. Kimmersxo

    Daniele - Week 6 - HoH

    Dani really needs to think her nominations through. She can only send one person home and that will leave 5 coming after her next week unless Porsche or Kalia can win (doubtful)and it will more than likely be endurance.
  13. Kimmersxo

    Jeff - Week 5

    It is his opinion, how he feels about the subject. In my book it is okay for others to express how they feel about situations and to offer up opinions, that is what makes America a great place to live in! I also think that Jeff does not have experience with the gay lifestyle, it is possible that he is uneducated and unexposed to the topic. I also agree that a Child's book is not a place to introduce sexual orientation, that needs to happen at home. There are some great books out there that address and introduce different family structures, but as a parent I want to be the one who decides when and how it is introduced.
  14. Kimmersxo

    Rachel - Week 5

    I agree that is is an obsession, however not a healthy one. After the incident of him sending naked pictures to girls on the internet she forgave him after 2 days and they have never spoken of the incident since (Rachel's words) They both should get counseling if they really want this relationship to work. As for Jeff and Jordan, they are the cutest couple! Their non display of public affection is awesome in my opinion. They have been together longer that Brendon and Rachel so their relationship is more steady and more understood. I hate it when girls hang on to their guy just to make a point that he is her Man!
  15. Kimmersxo

    Jeff - Week 5

    How do you know how he feels about Lawon? When has he ever said that Lawon is a lesser person because he is gay? He has NEVER said that. Just because he expressed his views about a gay character in a children's book does not make him a homophobe! It makes him someone who has an opinion on what is introduced to young children through reading.