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  1. wingfan728

    JC Monduix

    The Veto holder holds the power, very hard to predict JC at this point, he's final 3 if he wins Veto, I believe he has Angela and Kaycee on the block, and sends Angela home, but a member of L6 wins Veto they have the sole vote to evict one of their own. Should be interesting
  2. wingfan728

    JC Monduix

    Rumor from a very good source, is after Sam was voted out, JC won the HOH !! SO it's all about the veto, for the members of L6 to save themselves, JC wants Angela gone, which is dumb because he doesn't win against Tyler or Kaycee IMHO...JC in final three, didn't see that coming but I mean it will be great TV, can't wait for tonight and mostly tomorrow
  3. wingfan728

    JC Monduix

    It is entertaining to watch him try to boss Tyler around, I believe Tyler is just humoring him at this point..her hee
  4. wingfan728

    General Discussion

    After all the juicy discussion last night about double eviction plans, I fear JC will sneak through now....
  5. wingfan728

    JC Monduix

    Nope. Might be entertaining, getting a helluva edit for a creepy guy. He has multiple alliances, Brett, Sam(as much as someone can) and Tyler, but doesn't have any self awareness as he talks crap to Brett and Tyler about their L6 members. As I've said elsewhere, Double Eviction was made for him, do it Tyler !!
  6. wingfan728

    General Discussion

    Can't wait for double eviction, I love it, the not knowing, who will win the HOH and who will be nominated, is it bad that I want the blindside of the second eviction to be JC ?
  7. wingfan728

    Tyler Crispen

    Tyler grows on you, whether his manipulations are too overt and they bite him later. He deserves a medal for putting up with Kaitlin, but he signed up for that....a favorite so far.
  8. wingfan728

    Big Brother General Discussion

    Third !! I'm the red dancing smiley face left top, can't stop smiling
  9. wingfan728

    Big Brother General Discussion

    That's what I was looking forward to, and it did not disappoint....
  10. I don't think it will ever get to her, she's so on another planet, that logic is as foreign as GPA. You can't reason with her, her Momma will blame everything on the internet, no accountability for this girl.
  11. wingfan728

    Big Brother General Discussion

    IMO, Josh needs to put up whoever Paul tells him too, and if Paul doesn't win veto, then backdoor Paul. He can't allow Paul to manipulate the house as he has done all season before Veto. I think this is his only chance and damn Christmas and her schoolgirl crush on the Jerk. Don't know if he can get the votes, but he's got to try.
  12. wingfan728

    Big Brother General Discussion

    This is my fantasy.... Paul is in the diary room for one of his many sessions...and one by one his Minions gather round to await their Master's return. Suddenly Kevin ponders aloud, do any of you think Paul might be playing us against one another ? One by one virtual light bulbs start going off in Christmas, Alex and....nope, not gonna happen the spell cannot be broken this year.
  13. Big Kudos to HBIC !! You were my go to all BBOTT season, and I didn't agree with all your opinions, but I understood and appreciated them. I believe you pointed out the many different ways that Jason may have lost the vote in the last days, Justin was my Favorite and certainly the actions of Kryssie and Jason to Justin impacted my vote, although I split mine between Morgan and Jason. Thank you so much for all of your insights.
  14. All 3 have had "bad behavior" and it's going to depend on the voting by America, it's a toss up for me between Jason and Morgan, do not have a Plastic or Misfit bias