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  1. I like her so far. She seems pretty smart. Well, smarter than the other 3, anyway. lol
  2. Nice guy, but he doesn't seem like he's watched that much BB, imo. I can't really see him making any kind of game plays on his own.
  3. So far, I find her sexual remarks pretty funny.
  4. Hello I just hope this season is better than last few seasons. If it's not, then I'm going to give up on BB ever being fun to watch, like it use to be.
  5. I watched one of the live feeds, and found it very boring to watch. And by reading comments from others, a lot of them felt the same. All that was shown this week were of the HG playing various games, with viewers voting in on what should be done next. I hope by next week the live streaming will be available for a longer time (more than one hour) and at better hours when people aren't at work. I'm very curious to see how the show turns out, after all of the editing is done. As for the voice in the house, I think the female voice if witty, funny and sexy! lol Views were asked to vote on a name for,The Voice, which I thought was pretty cool.
  6. Lyn

    Glass House Casting

    I seriously can't figure out how anyone can have an opinion about any of the HG without not having the opportunity to view them in their living environment, and how they interact with one another? And also, it boggles my mind that on TGH web site, we are asked to vote for who we want to stay or to go, or who should sleep with whom, who should so and so trust, etc. How are we suppose to come up with a fair answer if ABC hasn't let us get to know the players yet?
  7. I watched one hour of the online streaming, and this show is not the same as BB, imo. It would be like saying all crime shows on TV copied, CSI. The online streaming is only about the GH competing in task that are voted in live by the viewers who are watching. The inside of the house is very nice and classy, unlike the BB house. If anything, I see more similarities with the UK BB show, rather than the US BB show, right now.
  8. Lyn

    Glass House Casting

    Here is the link to watch Appollo the Rapper/poet/comedian. (not my words...lol) http://www.abcthegla...e-queen-singer/ Appollo's Poetry web page: http://www.apollopoetry.com/
  9. Lyn

    Glass House Casting

    Ashley Forrestier is an aspiring singer who has You Tube video's of herself singing. Her videos are included in the link: http://www.abctheglasshouse.com/abc-the-glass-house-ashley-forrestier-is-a-creole-queen-singer/
  10. Lyn

    Glass House Casting

    Here's a link for Joy Glass ( that includes videos) who was in Playboy, some movies, and music videos. http://www.abctheglasshouse.com/abc-the-glass-house-joy-glass-featured-movies-music-videos/
  11. I was on ABC's, The Glass House web page an hour ago, when the discussion forum stopped working. Also, the live streaming that was suppose to start tonight (11:00 pm E ) has been postponed until Tuesday.The HG are already in the house. I hope the show doesn't get postponed, or canceled because of the lawsuit. In reality, ABC argues, it would be irreparably harmed if Glass House is postponed after the network has spent $16 million to promote the premiere on Monday night, in what the network calls “prime real estate in ABC’s summer schedule after The Bachelorette.” “A temporary restraining order,” says ABC, “even for a week, would seriously undermine the show’s potential success." http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/thr-esq/glass-house-big-brother-injunction-abc-cbs-335955
  12. I too am looking forward to watching this new reality show. Here's ABC's home page to, Glass House, and answers to most of your questions: http://beta.abc.go.com/shows/the-glass-house/stream-announcement
  13. Lyn

    BB UK 2011

    Does anyone know how I can watch BBUk here in the states? You tube won't let me watch the full show, yet.
  14. After viewing some twitter pages last night, I'm now wondering if Sheila & Michelle will be coming back along with the obvious other duos? Maybe we were set up with all of those rumors to throw us all way off, as to who was really coming back? Just a little thought I have.
  15. Lyn

    Premiere Show - July 7

    Thanks for posting this link DreamAngel!