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  1. Shannon "Shambo" Waters

    All very interesting...
  2. Thanks for adding me to your friends list.

    Glad you are here and hope you will hang around and have some fun.

  3. Thanks Marty. Hope this is the way to return a comment. I definitely need guidance thru the waters of BB. Totally new to me.

  4. Hope you are enjoying Morty's. We will get you hooked on Big Brother this summer.

  5. Welcome to Mortys you are going to fit in just fine here. I hope you are having fun

  6. Adam Lambert

    The rules of the Jungle. Adam is learning fast. I thought he came across really well on Ellen. I would like to think that those were his sincere thoughts and not what some executive told him would be smart to say.
  7. Hi Dizzier, welcome to Morty's. You're going to really enjoy it here. Go check out the site and have fun!