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  1. Post-Season Interviews, Videos, Pictures

    i've got a few pics.. not a lot... somehow krysta ended up with my camera. and she's not sent it back, but I guess she's had some health issues.
  2. Ebay - BB 11

    got a few things up myself.
  3. * Casey *

    banana suit is up on eBay.. :-)
  4. Welcome Casey to Morty's

    it was on in tampa yesterday.. :-) my bro says the banana suit is upon eBay if anybody's interested.. :-)
  5. Welcome Casey to Morty's

    so i did Daytime TV last week.. airs here in tpa tomor and can be found in 100 other markets by visiting: http://www.daytimeonline.tv/ it's like 4 minutes, LOL
  6. Welcome Casey to Morty's

    oh yes! i think the suit will prob get sold.
  7. Welcome Casey to Morty's

    whatever you need joni.. pm me your addy i'll send you something.. i opened a youtube account for those who may have some time to kill today, LOL http://www.youtube.com/minglemixx
  8. Welcome Casey to Morty's

    ROFL.. hit the grand opening of Hooters at tyrone mall last night and this couple bought me a margarita. . whatever you need joni.
  9. Welcome Casey to Morty's

    you're first on my list joni.. :-)
  10. Big Brother in the Media

    michelle IS getting a divorce.. sad to hear. I heard there were problems before she left and that the show didn't factor in much.
  11. Welcome Casey to Morty's

    that was not me.. though wouldn't it be fun to host let's make a deal!!! um, www.maninabananasuit.com will be back up selling some shirts probably next week.. and I think I'm gonna' do a lil autograph thingy too. sooooo, I go see some friends at ClearChannel yesterday.. well, A friend and some coworkers of his who wanted to meet me.. one of the girls goes "I mean, we're fans of the show, but we're not MORTY'S OR ANYTHING!!!" i was like.. "i post there!" good stuff. i have a lil song a bud did for the banana thing but I don't know how to upload it. argh.
  12. Welcome Casey to Morty's

    thanks joni.. i come from a pretty funny family, was always a class clown (though a clown with a 3.9).. standup looks hard, LOL. I've considered it, but I personally find it easier when there's people to play off of. (the original casting call they had us in groups, i was ecstatic). i DO consider it from time to time. you guys, unless you teach, have no idea what crazy stuff happens at a school every day. . i'm thinking about looking for an improv troupe though, just for giggles.. AND to see if I could really do it. starry, i would do it again. fave player? I thought evel dick was entertaining, though his methods were hard to watch sometimes. i liked kaysar. i think i had a crush on janelle, LOL. dan.. i liked marvin, i think we're similar in many ways..
  13. Ebay - BB 11