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  1. I think the producers do things like this to keep the game interesting and exciting. BB is a tv show that has to be compeling for tv and to get ratings. Otherwise if just had a summercamp of the Brigade, who wants to watch that? Ratings would slip and the show would eventually get canceled if the producers didn't try to put things into the game to keep it exciting for tv. So adding Rachel back in the house adds some drama for the televised shows. Survivor only has 1 show a week on TV, and filmed in such a shorter amount of time. So they really don't have to add things to that show to keep it from getting boring. That is why I think they always do these changes on the fly in the seasons. Ratings are the driver of it, not the competition and fairness of it.
  2. mikenaz

    Janelle on the Early show

    To me it just looked like she was very tired or exhausted. Being one of the most popular contestants, she probably was bombarded by constant interviews, answering the same questions over & over, and by time they do the Early Show, its probably around 3a-4am in the morning. I remember seeing an interview with Julie once where she says she's back in around 1am to get ready for the Early Show.
  3. mikenaz


    I thought it was the pefect interview too. Worth watching! I also never understood why would complain to him about the prodcution. He & CBS are in control of the show and its just a game. I also think if CBS keeps getting complaints and other stuff directed to them at their offices, they may decide to use that against renewing the show if it becomes a burden to them.
  4. mikenaz

    Karma biting James in the butt?

    Who produces this show? The producers or the contestants? Normally I would think CBS/Producers would be the one calling the shots.
  5. mikenaz

    Karma biting James in the butt?

    I agree that Will lies and everything else probably more so than anyone else, but I've never heard him really bad mouth or trash talk or even swear when it comes to others. I actually like his game play, even though I do like Janelle. I would love to see Will & Janelle in the final 2. But even if James would make it to the final 2, he probably would not have Janelle's, Howie's and possibly Marcellas's votes. I used to be a James supporter myself, but more so, he has been so hyprocritcal. If it was fixed for him to win by CT, it would all be ok, just like when the HOH competition when they all laughed at her.
  6. mikenaz

    POV - Week 7 (Part 2) Comp. & Ceremony

    I'm hoping Janelle makes it to the final 3 or even 2 this year. Since she made that deal with CT, I doubt she'll go against that unless they turn on her first. I can't see her aligning with CG for what he did to Howie. And no way I could see her aligning with Erika or even Danielle.
  7. mikenaz

    Everyone Laughing at...

    I think the only person that probably could snap her out of this down mood is Howie or possibly Kaysar. But Howie always kept her pumped up in both this season and last season. They are trying to get out of her head what she's thinking, she should probably just come out and call them out on it on how everyone is talking behind her back, and especially she should call James out. She's probably pretty hurt about that, but just not saying anything.
  8. mikenaz

    Everyone Laughing at...

    I think maybe why Janelle feels so down is just because she probably feels so alone. With people laughing at her, and maybe it was a cheer or something when she lost which maybe we'll see on the show, but it just reinforces to her of what she has been hearing about people wanting her out, and now she can't even really trust James. So basically she has no one now until she is voted out. Probably best for her is to be voted out and then she can go to sequester with Marcellas and Howie.
  9. mikenaz

    "Chicken" George

    If he does put Janelle up, I can see everyone throw George 'under the bus' and making it seem like it was his decision all along. Hopefully George will see through all that. He should already know they don't count him in on anything until he has power, just like Howie & Janelle told him would happen. When he is out of power, it will be back to the same where he won't have anyone other than Howie.
  10. mikenaz

    Best Week Ever?

    From the looks of it Janelle could be leaving this weekend. James & Ericka are getting to George to nominate her, or Boogie could use his Coup' and evict her. If that happens, should be interesting to see how Howie reacts, if he goes Busto on everyone.
  11. mikenaz


    I also don't think Zach'Jase' makes a good host for Housecalls. Bunky was not too bad. I think would even be better for Friday's show if they were to put Kaysar as co-host especially if Marcellas is the one to be evicted, just to watch his reaction would be great since he would probably think they hired Kaysar to replace him. But how about them even getting Shannon Elizabeth to co-host a few times, since she is a big BB fan.
  12. I hope Janelle does win it, just because it would make it very interesting, as everyone in the house will complain even more about Janelle and how BB gives her everything/etc. Where if someone else wins it, you already know who they are going to target automatically which is Janelle/Howie, so where's the excitment/drama in that? I just would prefer more drama, instead of a summer camp.
  13. mikenaz

    Sunday, August 13th

    This is reminding me of Deja Vu from last season, with everyone badmouthing Janelle; what type of players they are, etc etc. I wonder what they'll think when they watch the shows themselves and realize some resemblance to last season.
  14. mikenaz

    Its Prom Night!! America Votes!

    I think CBS made the prom/queen only by phone voting is because it involves giving an advantage of next week's HOH, and there won't be any of the internet repeating voiting and what was the famous word on here last year 'fingerbanging'. I'm sure Janelle will win due to most of America will like her, just seems to be alot of Janelle haters on the boards. If she does win, I wonder if it will be like last year, and everyone whining/complaining about how America could love Janelle, etc etc. I hope she wins. She's got a long battle to go without having Kaysar.
  15. mikenaz

    Redo the HOH - SPOILER

    CBS has to keep the show interesting too and keep the ratings up. I can't imagine with having Ericka in HOH that it was going to be an exciting week. Now CBS will have footage of James squirming, all the others going around talking trash about Janelle. I would have rather have had Will win HOH over Ericka.