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  1. Let's face it...the reason they didn't put hardcore fans of the show on here, picking them out of FB and clubs instead, is because they would have been on to Dan's crap from the beginning and he would have been the first one out the door. The producers counted on the naivete of the newbies to let him run the house. He already won once...I hope Ian wins. And Danielle for "Most Gullible!" *´¨) ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨) (¸.•´ (¸.•´pNut
  2. pnutsugar

    Rachel - Week 9 - HOH

    I can't believe it myself...I want Rachel to win. She has played the best game, and as long as you keep 'Brennan' away from her, and keep the cameras off...I actually like the girl!! I can't help myself! This is a total 180 from the way I felt when she walked back through that door! I love Jordan, but c'mon...she already won once. Rachel to win, Jordan 2nd, Jeff (<---mad love) or Adam for fan favorite! Adam's just a big, sweet teddy bear who didn't do much, but did when it counted! And if the rumors are true...bravo for unleashing the beast on the jury house. And good on ya, Adam, for winning HOH! *
  3. She also eats a bunch of English muffins with a LOT of butter and jelly. I think she had 2 or 3 last night on BBAD. I think she has very simple tastes. Definitely not a foodie. I bet she's never even had sushi, if she hasn't eaten an avocado!
  4. Seriously?? Jordan had every right to throw that phone call up in Shelly's leathery face. You could see just how excited Jordan was to get the phone call and really wanted to talk to her mom, but, within 2 seconds, thought about Shelly getting the call to talk to Josie. That just shows you the kind of person Jordan is...and she had to wear the goofy humilitard! Shelly can't continue to use that tired, old (hmmm...who does that remind me of?) "only a game" crap as an excuse...she can't win a comp, has lousy, ass-kissing social skills, and her "I don't need the money" is a bunch of crap. She doesn't mind stomping right over the people who've been good to her. The one I really feel sorry for is her little girl. Bet Shelly will use the "only a game" rhetoric when she tries to explain her behavior and trash-talking to Josie.
  5. Yeah...she sounds (and looks) like she eats railroad ties for breakfast. I hope she doesn't mind people pointing, snickering and staring...'cause I think she's gonna get a lot of that!
  6. Rachel and Jordan should take her cigarettes....tell her to return the dog and nobody gets hurt!! She's on the brink....all it will take is a tiny push and they may as well bring in the strait jacket.
  7. Wonder why "outdoor industry executive" Shelly didn't hang on?? Oh, that's right...if it was over 3 minutes, she had to let go to light a cigarette...
  8. No, she stuck her chickenhead in Jordan's face and was yelling at her that she felt worse than Jordan did....actually, she knows she screwed up and, now, instead of saying, "yeah, I betrayed her trust in me", she is just plain nasty and talking crap about Jordan...because a) she knows she was wrong, it showed who she really is, and c) her game is down the drain.
  9. That hag has probably smoked $50k of cigarettes already this summer....that's all she does, and then tried to say last night that Jeff probably smoked 3 cartons of her cigarettes! She can't do anything, win anything, walks like a linebacker, has a voice lower than Barry White, and my husband (who hates reality shows but came to bed when I was watching BBAD) said, "What the hell is that??? She has an Adam's apple!" LOL.