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    Live Feed and BB AfterDark - 8/26

    I read the same info -- that the vets were paid 25K to return and the newbies a lot less. If I were a vet, I would have come back, too. I know people think that a vet shouldn't win because THEY HAVE PLAYED BEFORE, but they were invited to return, so I think it's fair. Although, I must admit I liked Shelly at the beginning. No more. Too much of a liar (and not just lying like the others, she really worked hard to appear sincere -- I didn't like that). And I liked Adam too, but he can't win anything!!
  2. Does anyone remember that Shelly originally went around saying she didn't want to win the money, she was just playing the game for the experience. Now, all of the sudden, she's playing "for her family". I thought she was rich and didn't need the money?! What changed. AND... I don't think she has a chance of winning. That was the old Shelly talking. The one who loved J&J so dearly. New Shelly won't be there to answer their phone calls when they call to apologize to her! I hope she doesn't sit by the phone too long...
  3. I'm with you, Fatcat. The betrayal was in the way Shelly showered J&J with fake sincerity. Jordan believed her. I don't agree with others who feel Jordan is infantile for getting hurt over this. Jordan simply believed Shelly's BS, and why not, Shelly worked the BS like it is her job.
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    Natalies Hand

    Thanks! I'm looking forward to chatting with everyone.
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    Natalies Hand

    I disagree! Not useless chatter! BB needs to know that viewers care about the rules and these infractions being allowed to continue makes us not want to watch next season. I believe holding the key would have been more difficult, would have caused more stress on the fingers, so holding the rope gave N an advantage.