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  1. I agree. I didn't know how narcissistic he was until I watched some live feed videos. Ugh he's sickening.
  2. I didn't say men didn't understand being hurt or getting treated badly. I was merely pointing out that women in crush, love or whatever analyze and justify things in a different way than men and I don't think that men and women think alike or react the same way under the same circumstances. That was my only point.
  3. I disagree that it's a disgusting thing to say. It just makes you uncomfortable. But, it's something to think about in my opinion. And, when you wake up black every day in America, yes you have race issues. I don't create them. They just exist. Hence me begging the question.
  4. Being a male, I think it's hard to understand the way women think and analyze things in the love department. Especially when they are young. You don't know how guys can sweet talk you and make you think you're insane for doubting them. Plus I'm sorry. The whole thing makes me uncomfortable. I keep thinking to myself, if she were white, would he be disrespecting her and mistreating her like that?
  5. Victor is an idiot savant. He's borderline functional on a common sense level, but a genius at math and puzzles. Like Rainman.
  6. Is it me, or does anyone else see that Z would be good for Paulie to take to the end? She has undying loyalty to him. She would never betray him. She's always a vote in his pocket and if he took her to the end, he would be guaranteed the money. Why would he take any of those boys? Everything doesn't have to be like Derrick and his brother. It's not about testosterone, but what's best for your game. Although I kind of wish they'd send Z home so that Michelle can go after Paulie.
  7. I feel sorry for her. I hate that she got all wrapped up in Paulie. I know it's a game, but he doesn't have to treat her badly or humiliate her. Actually she would be good to take to the end because no one would give her the money and she has undying loyalty to him.
  8. Denise4925

    Paulie is a jerk

    Totally agree. Great assessment of the situation. She doesn't deserve the treatment he's giving her. It makes me sick.
  9. I guess you got your answer. He'll take his marching orders from Paulie.
  10. Sometimes guys get cocky with women and play their cards too quick. If Z gets wind of what he's doing, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. If Z, Michelle, Nat, James and Da get aligned, Paulie would be screwed. How many votes does Da need to stay? But none of them, except Da has the balls to do it and stick with it. They all have to be willing. Paulie is going to win this game. I want an underdog to win. I wish Da and/or Z was better at comps.
  11. Denise4925

    Paulie is a jerk

    He needs to go.
  12. Me too. I don't understand the threat she is to Paulie and Nicole. Maybe because they know that she's the only one left in the game with enough game to get them out. No one else knows how to play the game.
  13. Why is Davonne a target? What has she done that the house didn't want to do? When has she won any competitions or came close? They need to figure out how to get Paulie out. He's the comp beast and running the house.
  14. But, you could say that about everyone in the house. No one is coming after James. He made a big move. I don't think it was a mistake for his game. Frank and Bridget are beasts in comps and Frank is very manipulative. He has to go. That's something James can brag about if he makes final 2.
  15. James made a good decision to put up Frank and Bridgett in my opinion. I didn't think he was going to, but he did. Good game move so far.
  16. I like her better this year. She's using her head and playing a better game.
  17. Denise4925

    Jozea Flores - (2nd Evicted - Day 16)

    OMG the worst player in BB history. LOL What a maroon. Good riddance and please don't come back.
  18. It seems like she's got the HOH power fever. "Whoever put Bronte on the block, I'm coming after them". LOL that was so funny. It was your friend, Frank.
  19. Yeah, I've been contemplating that as well. His actions make me think he might be gay. Not that I care, but then he also hangs out with Nicole a lot.
  20. Any gossip about the cast post show? What does Shelli think of Clay and Meg? What are the Austwins saying about their unpopularity, when they thought they were really loved by America?
  21. Denise4925

    America's Favorite Player?

    I'm so happy for James.
  22. I agree. Nothing about Vanessa is appealing to me. I can't stand her puppy dog face and wouldn't waste my time watching anything she's involved in on TV ever again. Me too
  23. I didn't care who won. I'm just happy Vanessa did not.