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  1. I really hopes she then takes adam with her to the final 2
  2. My gosh, she has to dominate every conversation!!! God, please give her laryngitis!
  3. Thank you BB for changing the camera to Adam We all need a break from Kalias voice!
  4. Does she EVER shut up?? She just goes on and on.... I've never seen anyone talk as much as her!!
  5. does anyone have any updates if Rachel is pregnant or not?
  6. After last night, I'm leaning towards Brittney
  7. Cole

    Rachel - Week 5 Nominee

    I recall Brenda telling her she is quite the entrepreneur - or words to that effect after hearing her "explain" what she does. sounds like a hooker to me. Dear Lord, Brendon needs to open his eyes!! but then again...love is blind
  8. Cole

    Rachel - Week 5 Nominee

    what lies, (lately) what did I miss??
  9. Cole

    Rachel - Week 5 Nominee

    Does anyone really know what Rachel does for work?? I have a hard time buying she is a cocktail waitress. Last night she told Brenda people would/will pay for her travel, and all expenses and she would charge them a fee according to what she does.
  10. Cole

    Brendon - Week 4

    If he wins, then maybe he can afford getting a medical procedure, it's new to most men, called an addadicktomy.
  11. Cole

    Kristen - Week 4 (Nominee)

    I heard her say that she was given 2 of them. so if one is dirty, she has another one to wear. still new to this posting thing..this is in reply to Janis...oops, I mean word-girl
  12. Cole

    Rachel - Week 2 (HoH)

    her laugh and expressions remind me of Paris Hilton - anyone else see this?