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    Live Feed and BB AfterDark - 9/7 & 9/8

    If I were Porsche, I would evict Rachel (I hope she doesn't) because Rachel has a better chance at beating her in endurance and Adam is probably gonna win in questions. The best shot Porsche has (IMO) is winning part 1/endurance against Jordan and Adam, Rachel will smoke both of them in endurance.
  2. nikkisoxnow

    Live Feed and BB AfterDark - 9/7 & 9/8

    To me it seems like Porsche won, not Rachel...didn't Adam just high five Porsche and say we won't leave the house this summer or did I imagine that?
  3. nikkisoxnow

    Live Feed and BB AfterDark - 9/7 & 9/8

    Just went back to watch Julie's last "speech" and she said final veto competition and LIVE veto ceremony...so I would think the competition is before the live show... I'm taking Jordon's packing as a bad sign for her chances...
  4. It was actually a good idea on Rachel's part...she asked Jordan to vote for Kalia so she could break the tie. Now she can tell Porsche "I kept you..." But if Jordan makes it to the final two, that might get Kalia's vote (she would never get Porsche's vote over Rachel or Adam IMO)
  5. nikkisoxnow

    Rachel - Week 10

    It's a pretty smart move on Rachel's part (and not so much on Jordan's), this way, whoever she kept, Rachel could say "I saved you..." not that it means much at this point, but it might if she's on the block with Jordan and Porsche is the only vote...could win Rachel $500k
  6. nikkisoxnow

    Rachel - Week 10

    I thought Rachel wanted to break the tie? I thought I heard Rachel and Jordan talking about it on the live feeds before the fortune teller started talking...
  7. nikkisoxnow

    Porsche - Week 10 Nominee - PoV Winner

    This is really terrible BUT...since I'm among friends I'll just say it...just glanced at the "rerun" feeds and saw Porsche. Gurl, she really HAS packed it on this summer. Trust me, I would still like to look like she does in a bikini but I bet she's gained 10-15 pounds... And I know that says nothing about her game play (maybe her lack thereof...)
  8. That ring would never be in danger, Shelly has no intention of EVER winning anything, that is her plan all the way. Now, if she would let Rachel keep the ring if Shelly voted to evict Rachel, that would be another story entirely:)
  9. So today Shelly is back to her OLD story of how she is only here for the experience, that she wants to help the "young ones" along in the game and how if it came down to the final three she would give it to someone else. Seriously, I'm not mad at Shelly and I've even said it was a good game move to get out Jeff (even if I didn't like it). But really, how can anyone sit there and not laugh out loud. I would say to Shelly "Okay, if that is the truth, why did you tell Jeff when you voted him out you were doing this for your family. Does it help your family to vote someone out just to help the "young ones" get further in the game? You're playing to win, you want the money, say it ONE TIME and I might vote for you to stay." I don't care what you do Shelly but own it. That is your only chance. Going with the whole "I'm just trying to help you and I will give you the money" line just makes you look silly.
  10. nikkisoxnow

    Jordan - Week 7

    Boooo...I think I'm gonna have to pull a Dani and go sleep for a while...that's it, I'm officially a really terrible loser!
  11. nikkisoxnow

    Live Feed and BB AfterDark - 8/25

    dang dang dang dang dang...feeds are back...
  12. nikkisoxnow

    Rachel - Week 7

    HA! I was thinking more along the lines of "Things to put in wine or beer to make the booze last longer" or "Fastest ways to lose a jury vote" but hey, whatever Rachel can win, I'm for it! And please note...I like Rachel, that was just a silly joke...I know everyone here probably has raw nerves like I do so I don't want anyone to think I'm bashing her! Dang it BB, I swore I wasn't even going to watch this year!
  13. nikkisoxnow

    Jeff - Week 7 - HoH & PoV

    It's not fair (said in my Dani voice)...I love Jeff...I'm gonna try not to be all sour grapes about it and hang in there for the rest of the season...i got a lot of feelings, and this hurt damn near everyone of them (borrowed from Pineapple Express).
  14. nikkisoxnow

    Jordan - Week 7

    sigh...it's hard not to be a sore loser tonight. But I will say this, I give Jordan credit for not getting kicked out tonight. I'm not a fighter, but I would have punched Shelly right in the face. One of many many reasons I would never make it on a reality show. One more thing that kills me, that Jordan is so worried about looking stupid for yelling at Shelly...little does she know that most Jordan fans were probably like me and thinking punch her in the mouth...or at least kick her in the shin! And I've said it in an earlier post, I hate Shelly now but I know that this was a good game move. Will it get her any further than staying in her original alliance? I don't know but I do recognize it was a good move. That doesn't mean it's not bad bad bad. This feels as gross as BB5's Drew leaving Diane in the dust...
  15. nikkisoxnow

    Rachel - Week 7

    I'm trying really hard not to be a bitter Bessie...put please production, you've worked so hard to make this season exciting...can you tailor this next competition for Rachel to win? Pretty please:) PS: I hate hate hate Shelly BUT she did make the best game move. She's gonna be up there with Gnat and the Nerd Herd in popularity polls but hey, she did what she had to do...now vote her out