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  1. omahaguy

    Kaitlyn Herman

    The technical medical term for this woman is "Bat Sh*t Crazy"
  2. omahaguy

    JC Monduix

    There was a strong smell of burning plastic in the have not room so no one slept in there last night. I read that BB had them do a fire drill this morning at 4am BBT.
  3. omahaguy

    Chris "Swaggy C" Williams

    ^ What she said ^ ... gonna be a shock to this guy when he gets out of the house and checks out the fan polls
  4. omahaguy

    JC Monduix

    Notice how all the offended women in the pics are laughing. They recognize JC for what he is: funny and harmless. It must have been a slow news day for TMZ.
  5. omahaguy

    Cody's Revenge

    Cody tried to play the game while none of the others, except for Paul, did. That's why Cody got all my votes not because I hated the other house guests. (I try to reserve the word "hated" for things that I truly dislike - - like getting an MRI )
  6. Did you notice that Paul ditched his floatie before he walked out of the house? Perhaps he finally realized that it didn't make him look cute - - it just made him look even more stupid.
  7. To everyone who enjoys reading and/or posting here please consider sending a donation to Morty to keep this up and running (information on his home page).
  8. Jeff & Jordan moved to Colorado. Not 100% sure but I think he landed a full time job there with a local TV channel.
  9. Just read that Will Kirby will be doing the backyard interviews for CBS. I always liked Jeff's interviews and hope Dr Will's will be as good.
  10. omahaguy

    Who should get AFP?

    Cody all the way! (and I only need one (1) post to say it)
  11. omahaguy

    Cody has a hot temper.

    Cody is getting all my votes too!
  12. There is no Sunday show. Tonight's is the last show until the finale on Wednesday.
  13. omahaguy

    Who should get AFP?

    My daily 20 votes are all going to Cody.
  14. omahaguy

    Who should get AFP?

    Cody. At least he tried to play the game just got stymied by production.
  15. omahaguy

    Who should get AFP?

    My votes will go to Cody. At least he tried to play the game and didn't fall in to lock step behind Paul. But Cody's game was quickly stymied by production.
  16. Wait for Sunday's show. They'll explain the comp then.
  17. We know it was ready-set-whoa from seeing the set up at the end of last night's show and from listening to the feeds after the show. True, it sounds like the other comp players did throw it to her, but my question was: if she has to be cleared by the doctors before being allowed to compete in certain comps, how could she be cleared to compete in a "running" comp.
  18. The comp as "Ready - Set - Whoa". When they get the "Go" signal, it's a foot race to their buzzer at the other side of the track. After she got out of the cast and got the boot she'd said she couldn't put any weight on her foot. So how could she be cleared for this particular comp?
  19. How could "the doctors" clear her to compete is a comp that was a foot race?
  20. omahaguy

    Who should get AFP?

    I really don't care much for any of the ones who are left. If I do vote it'll be for either Cameron (to make my feelings about this cast known) or Cody (at least he tried to play the game). Actually, I'd like to see CBS/BB scrap the AFP this season and donate the $25K to the hurricane relief fund.
  21. That was Aaryn Gries (BB15) and she did get booed by many in the audience. She was badly shaken up by the booing when Julie interviewed her.
  22. Matt is also taking hot showers and not sleeping in the HN room. He ignores repeated "Stop That' from BB. A few seasons ago Chima was ejected from the game for repeated rule violations including ignoring BB so there is a precedent set for his type of behavior.
  23. Matt should be ejected from the game for blatantly and repeatedly violating the HN rules. Sent home ... no paid jury vacation for him
  24. From Reddit last year: "did anyone else see any of the tweets and pictures from Paul's Halloween party last night? Paul was dressed as a pissed off ballerina, Victor was dressed as a cat (it was a really cute costume) Nicole and Corey were dressed as monkeys, and Bridgette was I think Sailor Moon. Victor Periscoped some of it while Paul and his band played and he showed Bridgette rocking out. So looks like they were the only ones who went unless others just didn't get shown."