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  1. I thought they had to stay in the game for 5 weeks, then they both entered. It's been awhile, but last time they tried this "twin twist" didnt the twins get knocked out almost as fast as the HGs found out about them?
  2. Any ideas on the last 2 hamsters?
  3. Who decided he was a fan favorite? I couldn't stand him from the beginning and actually starting drinking everytime he mentioned his sister... You can imagine how THAT went!
  4. BB15 The Jury Discussion

    I vote we just bring back this whole cast next year and do BB16 - the Hunger Games.
  5. America's Vote - 3rd Nominee

    I was going to vote for Helen - she is SERIOUSLY turning crazy.... But after Amanda said "I can't read Howard, I cant manipulate him, so I dont trust him", she wins all 10 of my votes!
  6. Elissa - Week 3 MVP

    Julie said the MVP could decide if they wanted to remain anonymous or if they wanted to tell people. Personally, I think I would keep it a secret, but if people want to use it to try to further their game play, that is totally within the rules.
  7. BB15 General Discussion

    They would need to ask for 3 names then. Nominee, replacement nom, and a 2nd replacement nom in case the 1st replacement nom wins veto and uses it on the original nom?
  8. BB15 General Discussion

    Does anyone know what happens if the MVPs nom wins veto or is taken off the block? Who names the replacement nom?
  9. HOH Cheating - Week 2

    They should redo the comp and DQ all the cheaters!
  10. BB15 General Discussion

    I just read on TMZ that GM was let go from her job and Aaryn was released from her contract with her modelling agency... Looks like a few people are getting wake up calls when they leave the house!