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  1. I may actually like this version of Rachel. I feel dizzy, need to sleep on it.
  2. Does that work out mathwise? We will have 8 HG left after tonight, but only 3 thurs brings us to the final week with 5 players. 2 fast forwards???
  3. Hokers

    Thursday Live Show 8/5

    This season is turning out to be "Britney's Journey" because she is the only one that is giving them entertaining things to show. I am fine with that. I don't think she will play hard for HoH. Much better to have someone else put up Brenden and Rachel.
  4. Hokers

    Kristen - Week 2

    Now that she is sharing a bed with Hayden, I need to get out of my head the thought that they are siblings...
  5. Hokers

    BB 12 House

    I'm speculating that the Have-Nots room will be like the beach at noon. Hot, Humid, Bright. Add in some seagull sounds and it just might be H-E-L-L to sleep in there.
  6. Hokers


    Bravo to Kevin for using Natalie's Ego to convince her that she should be the one going against Jordan in part 2. Logic would have been the reverse, but since she is such a great competitor in her own mind she could not admit that Kevin could be better at something. The way that Jordan rocked part 2, he would have had a hard time beating her.
  7. Hokers


    Thank you Michelle for being so ODDly entertaining. I will miss you.
  8. Hokers

    Jordan - BB 11

    From what I saw it seemed to be 90% bordom and 10% (on Lydias part) ploy to gain male support while on the block.