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  1. Big Brother General Discussion

    I just want Josh to win part 3 and take xmas to finale. Then Paul doesn't have to worry about 2nd place cuz he would get 3rd.
  2. I'm going to get backlash for this but I don't care about Kevin, at all. I thought I would like him and being an older watcher myself was all ready to root for him. However, Paul tells him to shut up and lay down in his bed all week and his does. Hello? Grow a pair man. Go mingle, try to make some moves of your own. It's your fault that people talk s&%t about you, you let them. The only time this guy tried to make moves is when "the house" had decided that HG "X" was going home this week. Then, Kevin would saddle up next to them, sweet talk them and try to sway that jury vote. Give me a break. The whole house knows you already won $25K, you literally did nothing all summer and now they are suppose to vote for you to win BB? For what, saying nice things to them as they are leaving? As for AFP? The P in that stands for Player which Kevin was not. Therefore, not my vote.
  3. With Josh having soo many doubts about paul, he should have taken down one of the non-entities and forced alex to put up paul. Damn!
  4. Had the perfect opportunity to get rid of him but nooooo.
  5. Big Brother General Discussion

    Alex had Paul's head on a silver platter and she said no. Damn that woman!
  6. Big Brother General Discussion

    I know a lot of people hated BBOTT but they brought back Jason and he made it to the end.
  7. Kevin was in DR saying he kept having "these" thoughts. He might have ESPN. I fell out on the floor.
  8. Thank you for this. I was just about to ask why the hell Paul wanted him out soo damn bad.
  9. Hello. I know this is day 70 but if you would tear your gaze from the silver fox and keep your hands out of his jockeys for 5 minutes I have something to tell you....you are playing Big Brother! You either have to be super nice to everyone and all friends on the jury or you have to PLAY THE DAMN GAME to win the money that you so desperately need for your: gastroparesis small uterus hysterectomy freezing of your eggs knee surgery arthritis endometriosis mutated chromosome 10 new pacemaker inverted spine low progesterone level stunted growth keeping serial killers away from your front door thyroid problems multiple concussions Bless her heart
  10. I don't get people getting all upset because xmas can't compete in challenges. That is a disadvantage. She make be able to make a move one week with the veto but can't play in the comp so she is stuck. I'm not 100% in her corner but just looking at it from another angle.
  11. Bullies

    No one punishes people who are cruel in real life. I was cussed out at work today because a customer's coupon had expired. She will not to punished. It's life. You put on your big girl panties and rock that shit.
  12. I must have ESPN. (thank you Kevin)
  13. Wan't too far off on this one.
  14. Glad to see I was wrong on this one! Love him!
  15. The are only 2 people in the house who know they have to do something about Paul, IMHO. That's Jason & Kevin. Yet, they know, it's too early. Still too many people.