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  1. gishy333tx

    Chris "Swaggy C" Williams

    I'm not feeling him at all. Although, he will be good for entertainment purposes. But from his interview, I just got that he was looking at BB as a step to further his career.
  2. gishy333tx

    Rachel Swindler

    Meh is about right for this one. Said all the right things just seem to have no conviction behind the words.
  3. gishy333tx

    Angela Rummans

    Reminds me of Vanessa BB17. All the girls will hate her. She will probably end up in showmance. Not a fan.
  4. gishy333tx

    Scottie Salton

    Another one of my picks for 1st one out. Or he will be an alliance's + 1.
  5. gishy333tx

    Brett Robinson

    Seems smart. A listener which I think if a good game plan. Another one looking for a showmance.
  6. gishy333tx

    Winston Hines

    Smart. Possible comp threat. Looking for showmance will be his downfall.
  7. gishy333tx

    Kaitlyn Herman

    Annoying AF. Wants to win with love and light? Let the moonbeams carry her butt back home.
  8. gishy333tx

    Bayleigh Dayton

    Real flirty with the boys. Seems shallow to me.
  9. gishy333tx

    Tyler Crispen

    Frank Part 2. One of my pick's for 1st out. Stoner. Stupid. Enough said.
  10. gishy333tx

    Kaycee Clark

    Far too many cliches in that interview. Too cocky for my taste. Hee hee, cocky. Not for her. Sorry.
  11. gishy333tx

    Haleigh Broucher

    Looks remind me of Aaryn Gries from BB15. Would give up the $ to have people love her? Then next sentence, she is in it to win it. Which is it sweetie?
  12. gishy333tx

    Sam Bledsoe

    Seems smart. Good at social. She is middle of the road for me.
  13. gishy333tx

    Steve Arienta

    Working undercover I think will help him. He will watch his words carefully. No qualms answering Ross' question about America love you vs hate you. Summer of Steve. On my "like" list. Just hope the younguns don't vote out old guy first.
  14. gishy333tx

    Faysal Shafaat

    Smart, strong, funny. Seems like a good guy. Will be watching him. He is on my "like" list for now.
  15. gishy333tx

    JC Monduix

    Funny. Hot tempered = not good. Height will hurt him in comps.