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  1. I could not remember my password last season and I didn't have access to the email I signed up with YEARS ago! By accident... I remembered it! YAY!! Back at Morty's! Looks like it is going to be a GREAT season!
  2. Enzo - Week 3

    Ditto!!! PB&J all the way!
  3. Live Feed and BB After Dark 7/27

    DB (Dear Boyfriend) has never seen BB before this season so he has nothing to compare it to. He is enjoying it and really getting into the whole thing. I think that we are just use to way more drama. I am dying to find the complete Season 8 for him though!!! Also: I think the people the brought into the house with personalities to start drama... are gone. Annie and Monet. Rachel and Britney would... but their back up is gone. So, everyone is trying to be peaceful. Matt and Enzo have potential... but they will only jump on the bandwagon if someone else starts it. BB needs to do something to cause major jealously in the house and the claws will come out.
  4. Ragan - Week 3

    At the moment, I like Ragan. They are all in there for their 15 minutes of fame... so you can't begrudge him a little face time. But over all, I think he is playing a good game and people seem to respect his opinion. The other house guests are using him as a sounding board and telling him just about everything they are thinking. I don't think he is following Matt around... Matt has done exactly what Ragan advised him to do.
  5. ED had his own "mini celebrity" before the show... He knows lots of people, better yet... lots of people know ED.
  6. Matt - Week 3 (HoH)

    I would love to see Julie make Matt leave "due to outside influences" on the live show... And tell Kathy and Andrew they are safe another week.
  7. Brendon - Week 3 (PoV)

    Exactly!!! If we had to sit here at watch Kathy and Lane the rest of the season, the show would die a painful death. Matt is entertaining but a complete slimball - I can live without him there!
  8. Matt - Week 3 (HoH)

    Oh... it was not on the VERGE of cheating... it WAS cheating!!! I never get to bent about all the conspiracy theroies of BB helping out a particular player etc. This was out and out CHEATING. Edit: I am sure Matt and his wife had this planned in advance! This isn't something he just "came up with." It was OBVIOUSLY planned when he was hoping that he would be picked for the show.
  9. Britney - Week 3

    Too flippin' funny... she is still trying to convince everyone Hayden and Kristin are brother and sister! She is the one from Arkansas! LOL!
  10. Matt - Week 3 (HoH)

    It does not really matter if he puts up Rachel, Brendon, Kathy or Andrew... one of those 4 are going home. Essentially, fataling wounding B&R anyway. Kathy and Andrew are the only votes B&R hope to have. Matt's possible excuse for not putting up B&R: Kathy and Andrew are more or less pawns. At POV, anyone who plays can pull one of the nominees off... Matt replacing with Brendon. If Brendon (or Rachel) thinks he is completely safe, if he is choosen to play, he throws it as to not make any more enemies. This way, Matt is assured that Brendon will go home and he has only a very slight chance of winning POV.
  11. Enzo - Week 3

    Since he calls himself "Meow Meow," can we take him down to animal control and have him neutered?
  12. We all need to bombard AG with email... "Give us more Dick!!!" HA HA HA HA!
  13. Matt - Week 3 (HoH)

    LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Matt won...
  14. Live Show 7/22

    Kind of an odd question... We were on baby watch last season to see if Julie would make it to the end. In the Afterdark and Live Feed promos... she looks tiny, as usual. Last night, she had a little bit of a bump... is she pregnant again or was the dress just not flattering?
  15. Monet - Week 2

    I think if she would have tried a little harder to make friends she would have done better. Look at Kaysar... Being of Middle Eastern decent with 9/11 still so fresh in people's minds. His back was against a wall that he did not build and he still became very popular.