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  1. Liza Stinton HG Discussion Thread

  2. Peter Brown HG Discussion Thread

    I think he may be my favourite in the house, and love his alliance with Alec
  3. Thomas Plant HG Discussion Thread

    I didn't mind Tom, made the house interesting, but there were times I wanted to reach through the screen and slap him lol
  4. Except he didn't start it, the other 4 knew he was an easy mark and added him.
  5. Live Feed Updaters-This thread is for YOU!

    so thankful for the LFU/TFU people, without you I would have no idea just how cray cray dani really was!!
  6. Danielle Murphree, Week 10 (HoH & PoV)

    that is the best thing i have read do far, and as smarty said, she certainly is a wakadoodle
  7. Jenn Arroyo, Week 9 (Nominee) Evicted 9/11

    anyone else find it funny talking about a company that is clearly anit-gay in Jenn's thread?
  8. Shane, Week 8

    Agreed, he could have been like Matt and Natalie, same situation, totally different response, Matt used her for everything and than dumped her like trash, at least Shane has been respectful and still works with her as a team.
  9. I find Britney hilarious, but that just my sense of humour. I definitely think she would be more interesting to keep around than Danielle to say the least, nothing against the girl, but she's too weepy for me.
  10. Of all the people I know that watch BB, at least half are on the boards and/or watching the feeds. I personally don't have the feeds but am on the boards all the time to stay up-to-date on the house. BTW, I'm in Southern Ontario, so who knows what it's like for the rest of ya lol
  11. Thursday, August 23th - Live Feed & BBAD

    i'm there too, working good right now
  12. Frank, Week 6 - Nominee (PoV)

    I could not agree more with that statement!!