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  1. Agreed. She woke up just in time LOL
  2. RUBY!!!! Thanks for addressing that. My grandfathers, father and now my husband are all military men and hats off to our service men and women (that goes without saying)...but I agree, what does that have to do with how a reality show is watched? It is TV! I guess the Regents scholars in here couldn't take your grammatical errors LOL...I just looked at it as a way to cut you down further because they didn't like your point. Had you said, " I luv JEF N JOORDUNN" I am sure it would have been welcomed with open arms. LOL Cappy idolization and reminiscent of Natalie and Chima when Jessie left in BB11.
  3. I agree, no way Shelly can win the game now. I feel her tears were genuine and I don't think she has been playing all along to screw Jeff or Jordan. I think it hurt her to flip but she chose herself over them. Like the HGs always say, the relationships they develop after living months together are genuine...you begin to care about people. I think Shelly will regret her choice, especially if it doesn't catapult her to F2 and even if she does make it there, she probably won't have enough votes for the $500K. I have a friend that's been a contestant on the show and she ALWAYS says "no one INTENDS to go in the house and make people or America hate you...but sometimes it happens". Since she has done it and I haven't, I have no choice to take her word for it
  4. Never said I enjoy watching people DISMANTLE each other, but I am not in a rage over how ANYONE on that show has been treated. IT IS A GAME SHOW! They are collecting $750 dollars weekly (thanks for catching my typo KYWILDCAT ) for all the crap they put up with from each other and NO ONE TWISTED THEIR ARMS TO BE THERE. Hard to take pity them.
  5. Ohhh Spikes, there are people out there with pitchforks ready to go to war for poor Jordan. It's quite disturbing really.
  6. Well I am screwed then, Monk seeing as how my father is a native Chicagoan and I live in Illinois and have for the last 11 years. I must be reading everyone wrong I used the term "bully" as some of the HGs used it. I hated the fact that they were intimidated by a player that never finishes well in these shows and that they felt the need to be protected by him. I do feel that his attitude is a little abrasive...but nothing they should have been afraid of.
  7. LOL Ohhh but I do understand it! It is part of the game, which is why I never threatened his family, his future kids or said I would hold a grudge because he evicted a player that I like! Just like you said, Spike, Dani WOULD HAVE...he got her first. Shelly helped get Jeff out, it happens...part of the game.