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  1. cheriashlee

    8/25 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    Still Trivia 5:47 BBT
  2. This twist just makes no sense to me, or Im just confused.if Rachel &/or Jordan wins & takes theirselves off, Adam/Shelly have to go up, cause Kalia is safe because she is HOH partner, & if Adam/Shelly win VETO & use it to remove Rachel & Jordan, then Adam/Shelly HAVE to go up because Kalia is safe & there is no one else to put up? Just weird, did they actual say they are playing as duo's or is it just a special VETO that can save both of the nominees? I keep reading on other sites that Porsche didnt say they are all duos again, she said the two nominees can both be saved, like a Diamond Veto or something, while others say they heard her say it is back to playing DUO's again, & Kalia is safe.
  3. cheriashlee

    Part 2 - Hoh Competition

    There is no way to throw part 3. It's a guessing game about the seq hg's opinions. You can easily throw comp number three. Just guess wrong. The questions are never that hard. If you took time to get to know your HG's then you should be able to guess accurately. Unless the HG's lie about their answer. Adam def threw the comp last year. He did not want to boot Sheila. Adam simply answered wrong.
  4. cheriashlee

    Wednesday, September 10th

    Thanks for the info about the second part. I didnt realize so many people take things that personal. Maybe I am the odd ball. When over there I felt like they were just pathetic. Oh well. I love this game, but I certainly dont want to feel the need to admit myself into a state facility to get past the hurt. Anyway, glad the mods here do a great job and not post things like that. THANKS MODS!!!! GO MEMPHIS!!!!!!!
  5. cheriashlee

    Wednesday, September 10th

    So what time will the second part start today? And what site is SS?(Not that I would leave here, I like you people!!!!) I was on one- RBBQ-, and it sucks. Was good once upon atime, but the people on there are just mean, rude and cant understand that it is a game. Some people take it personal when someone lies to their favorite HQ. Weird. It is ok to get emotional and passionate, but those people, were very close to having a breakdown-LITERALLY!!! I could see veins popping out of their necks from here.
  6. cheriashlee

    Part 2 - Hoh Competition

    I do not agree that Jerry threw the comp. He may have jumped off on purpose, but that doesnt mean he threw it. He knew he could not beat them in an endurance. How old is he again? 75, he hasnt mentioned his age much has he? LOL He probably gave it a shot, just to see if one of them happened to fall off. When he realized the Renegades would be there for the long haul, he jumped. Now he prepares for part two. Memphis has the advantage for the physical aspect of this part, but Jerry has the advantage for the mental aspect. Look for Memphis to throw part three to Dan, so that Jerry leaves the house wanting to vote for Memphis.
  7. cheriashlee

    Tuesday, September 9th

    I just saw a commercial showing Dan and Michelle on the beach! Ha Ha. He asked her if he had any chance of winning. Didnt show her answer, but she did not look happy. Poor Dan, he should have told the other HG's that he HAD to choose a jury member if he went on the trip. Maybe they told Michelle she cold not tell the other jury members about the trip. Fingers crossed...
  8. cheriashlee

    Monday, September 8th

    I agree that VETO was the big thing to win this week, that should be obvious to anyone. But had she won HOH, she would have been safe. Of course the power lies with the VETO this week, but she would not be on the block or going to jury, if she had won HOH. If she were HOH, she would not have to choose who to send out. Jerry would have left, obviously, and Jerry would leave respecting and probably voting for Keesha. Bottom line, Keesha is smart. She made it to F4. Doesnt matter what her strategy was, or who she aligned with, she made it to F4. You think people on here bash Keesha, I left another site becasue the people on there were sooo cruel, and not just to Keesha. Nasty bunch of folks they were. You guys on here are actually pretty civilized.
  9. cheriashlee

    Monday, September 8th

    I actually think Keesha made a smart move to allign herself with the Renegades. She would have probably been gone before now had she not. Now you may say, it doesnt matter if she leaves now, they used her and then will evict her. But had she competed better in the HOH or Veto comp, she vould have saved herself, she said it herself, she sucked at the HOH comp. They gave her a chance to be in the final three, she should have played better. Teh HOH was ?? about teh pics, she should have studied more. She only got one right. That was pathetic. I like Keesha but the boys didnt screw her over, she let herself down.
  10. cheriashlee

    Memphis - Week 9

    When did Mem and Dan decide to boot Keesha instead of Jerry?
  11. cheriashlee

    Memphis - Week 9

    WAY TO GO MEMPHIS!! I admit in the beginning I did not like Memphis. About mid way through, he pulled me to his side. Love Dan and have been back and forth about Keesha. I do like the girl, liked her day one but allowed others opinions to sway me. So I am happy if any of the three win. Liked Jerry at first, but not now. I want to like him though, I really do. Doesnt matter who Mem and Dan decide to keep now. They are still planning to go to F2 as far as I know, so what matters now is who they can beat in final HOH. That is all that matters.
  12. cheriashlee

    Memphis - Week 8

    This may have been discussed, but I willask anyway. What is different about the pictures on the memory wall? And btw, I do think that BB can alter questions or make it easier for one player verses another. Without ever being caught. Not saying they do, but it is possible. anyway, BB is on so I am gonna go. BYE!
  13. cheriashlee

    Tuesday, September 2nd

    Did Memphis and Dan talk to Renny and tell her she is leaving? I realize she 'knows' she is leaving, just curious if they actually talked to her about it?
  14. cheriashlee

    Pov - Week 8, Part 2

    Thanks lunmanatees. I was thinking Sunday afternoon for some reason. Just want it over with to make sure Memphis uses it on Dan.
  15. cheriashlee

    Pov - Week 8, Part 2

    Do we know when the veto ceremony will take place?