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  1. Cant make it to the Celebrity Poker Tournament in person? Get your ticket for access to the LIVE streaming presentation of the Celebrity Poker Tournament to Benefit The Injured Police Officers Fund. When: Friday, November 12th (12PM)~Sunday, November 14th (12PM) Streaming venue: PALMS CASINO RESORT- KEYWEST ROOM Celebrities in attendance so far: Lane Elenburg (Big Brother 12) Britney Haynes (Big Brother 12) Rachel (Big Brother 12) Brendon (Big Brother 12) Annie Whittington (Big Brother 12) Andrew Gordon (Big Brother 12) James Rhine (Big Brother All Stars) Laura Crosby (Big Brother 11) Michelle Costa (Big Brother 10) Jessie Godderz (Big Brother 10/11) Sheila Kennedy (Big Brother 9) Alex Coladonato (Big Brother 9) Jen Diturno (Big Brother 9) Joe Barber (Big Brother 8) Zach Swerdzwski (Big Brother 8) Brandon Nelson (MTV: Current season Cut Throat) Cara Maria Sorbello (MTV: Current season Cut Throat) Carley Johnson (MTV: Fresh Meat) Louie Stavato (The Amazing Race) Eric Sanchez (The Amazing Race) Cheyne Whitney (The Amazing Race) Meghan Ricky (The Amazing Race) Russell Hantz (Survivor) Bobby Masson (Survivor) Jonny Fairplay (Survivor) Sugar (Survivor) Earl Cole (Survivor) YauMan (Survivor) Dave Ball (Survivor) Dennise Luciani (Average Joe)
  2. Get the advance Purchase LIVE Feeds for the Vegas Bash 2010 weekend! Feeds start at noon on Friday and continue throughout the entire weekend! This time what happens in Vegas....YOU GET TO SEE! www.liveatthestudio.tv/VegasBashLiveonline.html Don't miss one second of the fun! This year it's gonna be UNreal! Starting Friday September 17th at noon the live pay-per-view feed of the VEGAS BASH weekend will begin! The live feed will be continuous from the Penthouse Suite the entire weekend. You'll get to see the set up, The Meet & Greet and random Celebes hanging out in Vegas. Saturday coming to you live will be the Red Carpet and the main event at the Blue Martini. including casual, impromptu interviews and special guest DJ appearances by Casey and Alex Oh yeah and a great time. Sunday afternoon enjoy the live feed from Hogs & Heifers BBQ and Beer Pong Tournament. Stickman Shadow will be the live band and Michelle the owner of Hogs & Heifers will be hosting the Beer pong Tournament. So come join us LIVE from the VEGAS BASH on line for a fun time, chat with the Celebes, ask questions, and just hang with us. This time what happens in Vegas....you get to see!
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  4. This is me and Jeff last year, jealous yet? You GOTTA go to Vegas for this thing!!!!!
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    Big Brother In The Media

    Krista to be interviewed live tonight about BB10 and her auction for charity- The interview will stream LIVE on "Below The Belt Show" on www.belowthebeltshow.com Krista's interview will begin at approximately 10pm EST. Join us Archive of radio chat with Krista- http://www.belowthebeltshow.com/listentoourshows.htm Krista comes in at 1:03:30 She talks about Jessie, the show this season, her engagement to Mike Boogie, stuff that happened at Jonny Fairplay's wedding, and much more. I was laughing my ass off Love her or hate her she's a great chick.