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  1. 8/29 - Live Feed Updates

    11:24 BBT All sitting around the couches chatting. Enzo is doing most of the talking, occasionally someone else adds a few words. Brittany isn't using her puppet when she talks. "there's nothing to do here with only 5 people." Says Enzo. Lane to the Dr. Brit wants to play dominoes. Enzo wants to play monopoly... no chance of getting it though says Enzo. Brit playing Dominoes on her own. Hay or someone mentioned the pool table gone. I haven't seen the evidence myself.
  2. 8/26 - Live Feed Updates

    10:37 BBT Football talk around the kitchen table with Matt, Britney, Enzo and Lane. Asking Lane about being on the line and on the team. Playing in the Cotton Bowl, being on ESPN. In the BY we have Hay and Bren still practicing. Brendon is pretty good, getting it in specific squares when asked to by Hayden. (not sure where Ragan is) No game talk right now.
  3. 8/26 - Live Feed Updates

    10:12 BBT Lane, Matt, Brit and Ragan in kitchen Lane and Matt are trying to get Brit to say when she lost her virginity. she won't say. She says she was a good girl, sh e's never smoked anything or done anything bad. When she was 20 she was at frat parties doing shots. She says girls that hang around football players at Arkansas she'd be considered a slut. So she doesn't. WBRB (Hay, Enzo, Bren in BY still, Hay on elliptical. Others are practicing.) In kitchen talking about people they know... a lot of going back and forth with WBRB
  4. 8/26 - Live Feed Updates

    10:01 BBT Lane talks about his uncle not being able to have kids and we get WBRB 10:02 and we're back Talking about making babies with fertility clinics (in the kitchen.) Ragan talking about using a surrogate to have a child. It would have to be someone he doesn't know. Ragan doesn't care what gender. Lane wants 2 boys and a girl, and Matt wants a boy and a girl.. Brit wants either 2 or 3 boys and a girl. They all agree boys first. Matt thinks he'll be a bad dad to a girl. He's afraid of any questions she'd ask him. Britney assures him she won't. Matt and Lane are talking about hypothetical daughters... "they're not doing anything"... being the protective fathers.
  5. 8/26 - Live Feed Updates

    9:58 BBT Lane, Matt, and Brit in the kitchen talking about pain pills and different peoples experiences. Enzo, Ragan, Bren, and Hayden outside practicing. (this is exciting folks)
  6. 8/26 - Live Feed Updates

    937 BBT Enzo is very paranoid. Worrying over who is matt talking to. E, Bren, and H still in Cabana eating slop now. "this is going to be funny tomorrow." says Enzo (??) Enzo says this is his worst week this far. Really not much going on tonight. Lane, Rag, Matt, and Britt in by practicing and making up a game for when they're practicing.
  7. 8/26 - Live Feed Updates

    930 BBt Hay, Bren and Enzo in Cabana room talking game. Talking about tomorrow and who they'll put up if they win HOH. Brit and Ragan. Bren feels like it's going to be a normal day tomorrow, that there won't be a double eviction. Brit, Rag and Matt in BY practicing for HOH. (It's the game where they put a ball that's filled with water on the end of a board let the ball roll down and then it shoots into the air when they bring the board down. They played this game last year and Jesse won it against Jeff. ) Lane in the shower. Now boys in Cabana are talking about last year, "the honey comb competition" that they're now practicing for.
  8. 8/24 - Live Feed Updates

    940 BBT Matt to BY asks Brit if she wants to play a pool game. Jedi training ends, Enzo to DR, they're up to day 35. Hay stays in Taj while Enzo leaves for Dr. Hay still jedi training alone. Lane still in hammock, Bren still on Elliptical, Ragan just came outside with a drink. Matt just got back from DR, "he had such a great DR, he spent the majority of the time talking nothing about BB" and we get WBRB. Brit, "I bet showtime hates us. We're boring." (totally agree -Jamiehuns) (ed. I'm out, hope someone can take over this is too boring)
  9. 8/24 - Live Feed Updates

    9:20 BBT Enzo running in BY Bren on elliptical Rag lifting weights Lane sitting on side of pool Brit joins them, soaking feet in hot tub with dead puppy water. The Taj meeting is ending. Hayden in Taj alone talking to camera, "What do I do??" Counting on fingers naming off names of people in the house. Now a shout out for a good Italian food restaurant and we get WBRB Now in BY all talking, or yelling about putting in a request for the show to end early. Enzo yells he wants it over by SEPT 1st, he wants some summer! Now quiet. Hay joins in BY Now Hay and Enzo inside to try some jeans on, "I'm going shopping." says enzo Quiet in BY. Taj talk about pants and how tight or loose they will be. a 36 is tight on Enzo. "Enzo's getting a makeover." says Hay. "which charity did my clothes go to?" says Enzo now game talk. E: matty talk, did you tell him you're gonna split the vote? H: no, because Brit told him he's gonna go home then. both agree there are no more powers H: I want to win so bad, want to quiz. I want to quiz. Counting different things in the house. Flamingos, mangos H: brit told me las tnight if they're going to take something outside of the house and hide it it's going to be something that is glued down that we can't touch. E: we had a lock down today H: They did do a lock down today. Want to go check and see. Lets go over some stuff. Jedi training now. Lane in hammock, Brit at the pool table alone, Bren on Elliptical very sweaty, don't see Ragan. But I hear lifting.
  10. 8/24 - Live Feed Updates

    905 BBT In Taj, Matt and Hayden Matt saying that he had to tell them who he was going to use the veto on, brit or Kathy, and he said he used it on the wrong person. He said the DR session was 45 minutes with him going back and forth choosing who. Now talking about why Ragan was mad at Matt. "ragan said that Matt told Brit to put Ragan up." He's trying to dodge that bullet, he said he did some great circle talking. Matt is telling Hay that Ragan told him he is going home this week, 100%. Hay brings up that Rag told Brit about the four guys together. Matt says glad you brought that up. Matt is relating that Rag says, "I believe you don't know that you're in that alliance." Whispering hard to hear. Matt is relating how he made Rag believe there wasn't an "alliance", but they just joked about it in the beginning and now that it's come to fruition they've talked about it. Rag also told Matt that he's pretty sure that he's the next to go. Because he'll be the only one with out someone. Matt, "he's definitely catching on" about Ragan and the BG. Ragan told Brit that he's going to expose the 4 guys alliance. Matt, "brit is such a F___ yapper." "Brit is smart! but she can't shut her mouth up for 2 sec." 9:18 BBT, still in Taj saying the same stuff over and over just in different ways.
  11. 8/24 - Live Feed Updates

    9 BBT Matt, Lane in Taj, Hayden walks in. Lane out, now Matt corners Hayden and has the same conversation. Hayden is agreeing with what matt is saying. (Hayden is good at this keeping them talking but not saying or agreeing to anything -jamiehuns) Hayden is saying he is rational, he wants to do what will get him further in the game. Brit, Rag and Bren are all smart players, it takes smart players to be against them. Talking about what the next veto will be. Same stuff as with Lane. In BY, Enzo laying on the two person thing, "You're looking at a horny penguin" Bren on the eliptical. Lane says "it's a full moon". 9:05BBT Matt is still campaigning to Hayden in Taj.
  12. 8/23 - Live Feed Updates

    845 BBT Brit to DR Matt walking around the house looking lost Hayden now lassoing the plastic vase in the BY All four feeds showing back yard with Ragan and Hayden and Enzo In house in Taj, Lane and Matt. Matt is asking Lane if there is any shot of him staying in the house. Matt doesn't want to waste his time campaigning. Matt doesn't want to bother the guys (lane and Hayden) to keep him if there is some plan he doesn't know about. Lane tells him to keep fighting. Matt tells Land that Rag said to Matt that he was going home. That pisses lane off. Matt wants to keep Brit longer than Hayden does. Matt thinks Enzo is going to get 25k because everyone loves him. Matt is trying to get to 2nd place, he doesn't need 1st place. Lane tells him he'll be straight up with him. Matt says "you're going to see a different matt this week then last week when he had the power and didn't care, he cares this week." Matt wants Lane to tell him how much Brendon has their (hay and Enzo) ears. Hayden wants to make it to final 3. Lane thinks Haydens too nice of a guy to do anything.. Lane says to pitch to Hayden to get Brendon out next. Feeds 3&4 in by WBRB (of course)
  13. 8/23 - Live Feed Updates

    840BBT Talk of Rachel around the hottub, how stupid the fights are once you're out of the house. And WBRB AGAIN! A lot of talk of production FLipping back and forth with WBRB Enzo is wrapped up in a towel laying next to the hot tub in the fetal position looking as if he's in the looney bin.
  14. 8/23 - Live Feed Updates

    830 BBT WBRB Talking about production, which night is finally, and double eviction. Brit says, "does this adding another week make anyone else want to kill themselves?" Everyone but Brendon in BY, bren in DR. Ragan to work out. Hayden to DR Really nothing going on, they all look depressed.
  15. 8/23 - Live Feed Updates

    815 BBT Bren go to the diary room Hay, Enzo and Lane "love it when they call him to the diary room when we're trying to talk game. We've got to get rid of him." Ragan, Brit, Matt are talking previous year's BB competition schedule. Matt to back yard to the BG, matt confirmed that Ragan was mad at him and "probably still is" Brit joins the back yard gang, leaving Ragan to stare off into space by himself. BY- talk about working out.