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  1. That is what I thought, but its still not been fixed. Surely I am not the only one who has noticed it. Its going on 24 hours and the page has been updated a few times.
  2. Morty's update page say Nicole won the PoV and she used it, but it still lists Paul & Victor as being on the block. Am I missing something, how can use it, but the noms stay the same?
  3. Plenty of other software options that can be used to record BB live feeds.
  4. CamStudio. software is free. Subscription to feeds is required. http://camstudio.org/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oPIxot2IAm4
  5. Don't be afraid of being banned on youtube. They only ban chronic abusers, after repeated warns. BB feeds clips are all over youtube, and are not to be pulled down very fast. I don't think CBS is too concerned unless posting full episodes. Clips posted on youtube promotes the show, so CBS is not looking to shut down fans who are helping increase ratings.
  6. It appears to me that the BB producers filter out nearly all wannabe actors\stand-up comic\etc, and rightfully so. Imagine the BBH filled with semi-professional entertainers looking to get their big break, they all would be show casing their individual talents for the cameras, and far less interested in playing the BB game. For those of us who have watched BB for many years, there there are profile types that get repeatedly selected season after season, or another perspective, there are personality flaws that tend to be in most seasons. And if its not obvious, most all the people who are selected, are selected because they a flawed in such a way that will make for high TV ratings. If not flawed in some obvious way, they are qwerty and popular with the audience.. If BB was serious about casting people who are really good manipulators, the show would be like watching people play chess 24x7. Nobody would say or do anything that would be worth watching, which is why the producers cast typical people we all know in our daily lives. We all know at least a couple flaming gay men, or men\women who must always be in control of everything, or the person who falls love based on almost nothing, or individual who can't handle any type of rejection and go on the war path against anyone who who not 100% on their side, etc.
  7. Can someone explain to me how the Twin Twist works, specifically what they need to accomplish for both to stay in the game? I know the basics; I understand they switch places at regular intervals and pretend to be one person. What is puzzling is what they need to do for both to stay in the BBH. At the moment, nearly all the HGs knows they are twins, and the rest are highly suspicious. Seems to me that pretty much means the twins aren't fooling any HG good enough for any of them to guess wrong if they were asked by BB.
  8. echo

    BB Season 15 disappointment

    Normally the the producers do select 2-3 likable people they hope will make it to the end and win. Maybe they were thinking\hoping that Ellisa would be one of them. Possibly also helen. My casting theory is the same one I have for Survivor (other shows likely use variation of it). The producers cast the show with about 4 people they feel have all the winning skils and personality to win, and those HGs are likable enough that the majority of the TV audience will be happy when one of them wins. This season I do believe Andy was selected by the producers as a potential winner. He clearly had all the skills needed to get to the end, and did so with rather easily. The producer probably also gear the competitions (near the end) to favor the HGs who is most popular with the TV audience. This is a reality TV show, but the producers are not required to follow a set of eithical rules which require them be 100% far 100% of the time. Like all shows, its always about TV ratings, so they stack the deck to maximize ratings. Loosing popular HGs too early or completely means they could see a signigicant drop is ratings if the most popular and entertaining HGs are evicted.
  9. echo

    BB Season 15 disappointment

    I think that conclusion is limited in scope. Ratings suggests that of those who watch the news channels (and TV in general), Fox gets higher ratings. Its not reflective of what the majority of people think\feel on the issues. Fox News targets social conservatives (ie anti-gay, right-to-life, middle america white Christian families, those who watch Pat Robinson and listen to Rush Limbaugh), but just because Fox News has higher rating does not necessarily suggest Fox reflect major of what American's feel on the issues. Fox News reflects what their audience wants to see\hear, just like CNN, and MSNBC do as well; those two networks split the progressive perspective, so its logical that Fox would get higher ratings because CNN and MSNBC are fighting for the same (larger) demographic.....And to the great fear of Fox News, it wouldn't surprise me if MSNBC and CNN merge into one network at some point.
  10. echo

    BB Season 15 disappointment

    Fox News is only balanced from their perspective, which is very much homophobic and moralistic. Their core audience is anti-gay and would love to turn back to clock to the 50s (when gays stayed in the closest) or earlier because its generally perceive that humanity is not getting more enlightened\wiser\tolerant\forgiving\etc, but more corrupt and evil with each passing day.
  11. echo

    Jury predictions

    I truly hate to say it, but if I were on the jury Andy probably would get my vote as the person who played the best game. It just hard to know how the jury will vote, some seasons the Jury votes for the HG played the best game without getting their hands too dirty (ie GM and spencer), other seasons they vote for the HG who was ruthless and back stabbed everyone on the jury \(Andy). Overall, I think Andy played the best over game because he had a hand in voting out nearly everyone on the jury. He never was a floater who let others do all the hard work..... Other than that, I can't stand listening\watching the guy; just can't ignore he played an almost perfect game making sure his biggest threats were out of the game. If he made a mistake, it was keeping GM around, rather than McCrae or Amanda, but even then, they might have gotten rid of him if he kept one of those two. Andy always knew GM was a honest upfront player, and would have had a hard time lying to him. IF he wins the final HoH, picks Spencer, he wins BB15. If up against GM, it could go either way.
  12. Yes, very shocking. Lots for rumors flying around that one, like she really trying to kill herself, but was looking for attention that comes with celebrities in crisis.
  13. Yet another entry the Romantic reality series. To have fun watching this over the top romantic fantasy is to keep in mind that no more than 4 of the bachelors are selected because they match up well with the Bachelorette, all the others are there because they have one or more significant personality flaws which gets exposed and thus sent home. * One way to identity the winner is that the producers edit the show so that he is near perfect, any flaws he might have never make into the episodes, or if a flaw is shown, they spin it into being a possitive. Example, has a fear of hieght, but then faces that fear by skydiving... you get the idea. Otherwise, as a couple they seem the perfect man and woman. And of course, those who get eliminated are shown as having flaws. In some cases, the flaws are not shown until the episode where they get eliminated, or maybe some hints in the episode before. * Final rose ceremony. Any guy who gets the final rose during the rose ceremony is a dead man walking and likely goes home in the next 1-2 episodes. The winner never gets the final rose expect maybe in the final 1-2 rose ceremonies where there only few left. * The show is written to expose the flaws of various individuals, so often a guy(s) are put into situations that the producers know it will expose their personality flaws. * The Bachelorette does not decide the order in which each guy gets sent home, she simply informs the producers who she likes\dislikes. The producers decide the order based on what they feel is good for the ratings. Often we get the impression that the Bachelorette can send any one of the guys home at any time, but that is not true, she has to ask in advance or often the producers will tell her to reject the guy on 1-on-1 date, or whatever the certcumstances might be. Even if she hates a guy, the producers might keep the guy around because he is good for ratings, but that guy will simply be kept away from the bachelorette and never have any 1-on-1 dates.