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  1. Keesha just told Memphis, once again, that if he decides to vote her out, just let her know.. Memphis said, "Keesha, you are good."
  2. Jury Bb 10

    April is an alien...well, she looks like one anyway.
  3. Keesha - Week 9 - Jury Winner!

    It's not official until they evict someone on Tuesday..
  4. "not Stupid" From Cbs's Youtube

    Hahaha! Oh man... Now they do look stupid and need to get a new word! ...IM NOT STUPID!
  5. Saturday, September 6th

    I think they are finally going insane.
  6. Memphis - Week 9

    Looks like it could go that way..not sure!
  7. Keesha - Week 9 - Jury Winner!

    I really hope Dan and Memphis change their minds, or else this will be me :
  8. Luxury Competition

    I would think it'd be tomorrow?
  9. Saturday, September 6th

    Jerry cannot survive yet again... I hate to say this, but if they keep Jerry and he wins final HOH, I will laugh at Dan and Memphis...
  10. Who Would You Like As Final 2?

  11. Jury Bb 10

    lol, I hope April got a little mad at that, Len. @ lv!