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  1. BBCAN6: End of feeds/Arisa announces special eviction
  2. BBCAN6: Derek mouths, "goodbye" when Will leaves room
  3. BBCAN6: Derek and Will promise to bring each other to final 3 if they win veto
  4. BBCAN6: Derek and Kaela friendly banter, say they'll taint the jury if the other evicts them
  5. BBCAN6: Paras is overcome with joy in HoH room
  6. BBCAN6: Paras and Will chat about getting to final 2
  7. 11:24AM BBT: The lights are on and the HGs are starting to stir. Derek is passing out fresh batteries. 11:45AM BBT: Kaela won PoV! Will said to himself, "So I leave on day 64. I've come to terms with it, Kaela is going to pick Derek over me." BB calls the HGs to the HoH room and the feeds go to FotH.
  8. Big Brother Canada - After the Eviction - Maddy It's time for After The Eviction! Brought to you by Shaw. The final 4 is set - Who do you think is going to be the last one standing?
  9. BBCAN6: Maddy tells all of Kaela's info to Paras
  10. BBCAN6: Will gets spooked by a spider
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  12. BBCAN6: Kaela explains her whole game to Maddy
  13. BBCAN6: Kaela reminds herself to cut Derek at the end
  14. BBCAN6: Derek confirms to Paras he's voting to keep her
  15. BBCAN6: Derek/Kaela talk about Paras/Maddy's pitches, getting to the end together