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  1. AFI's Top 100 Greatest Movie Quotes

    You're a riot! A friend mine called me right afterward and and said he missed the end and asked me what the final ten were. I was trying to convince him that the top ten included lines from Clerks and the Ref. Dante Hicks: "I'm not supposed to be here today! " (BTW: It's getting near BB time when we quote bad language all the time, so I guess it's OK to quote some from mainstream movies.)
  2. I heard that Jesse Metcalfe is leaving the series and after the first two episodes, John will be gone. -M
  3. Bring Back the Chickenman

    'Cause I'm lazy. Ranster volunteered to sort through my scraps and make it readable, but then I'd have to make up pages, and there are no pictures (I didn't know how to do a screen cap in 2000, can you believe that?), and I just don't want to put the time into it. But, who knows. If I ever remember where my tapes of BB1 are, we might get something going
  4. Bring Back the Chickenman

    I've stirred up some fond memories... Let me stir some more with these little snippets from the best season: Everyone is getting a little edgy without music. Big Brother did not allow them to bring any recordings into the house. William asked his fellow insomniacs to name their favorite artist or CD. Jordan -- Milli Vanilli Brittany -- Abba Josh -- Prince's Greatest Hits, Vol 1 Curtis -- Simon and Garfunkel William -- Best of James Brown Eddie -- Best of Louis Armstrong Jamie -- Enrique Iglasias Brittany is convinced that Big Brother will be merciful and issue a challenge that will require them to listen to music. Staring almost lovingly at a power outlet in the wall, she said, "I wish I had something to plug in there." At breakfast, George talked about how a marriage changes over the years. He got teary while telling the younger house members about how the love he and his wife share has evolved through good times and bad. He expressed awe and admiration for his wife, whom he affectionately calls 'The Tank.' Apparently, George and his wife bump bellies as a sign of affection. Karen jokingly suggested that someone should put a pillow under her shirt and 'bump' George to keep him from feeling homesick. Brittany shared a little dark family history.
  5. Questions and Answers

    Yes there were live feeds during season 1, and they were all free! AOL was the sponsor and there were no fish (OK, a few chickens) almost no censored stuff. OK, here's the deal: During BB1, I kept a journal. I also had a page on a web site (just one page). I'd post a very brief re-cap and at the end of the week delete it and start over with tid-bits and predictions. I kept everything I wrote, but mixed in with my journal that was full of stuff I'd grab from various web sites. Since it was just for my own personal reading and reference, I never bothered to credit any of the sources. So I don't know what's mine, what's from CBS, or what's from other fan sites. It's just a huge mess of stuff, most of which isn't mine. It's fun to read. BB1 was so dull they tried everything to get these people to fight, and they just wouldn't. BB wrote them a roast, with nasty jokes about each other. They all took their turns and did their lines, but went to the red room (the DR) and complained that it was a low, cheap move. The way the voting worked was that each week all the HGs had to nominate two people. The two with the most votes would be the nominees and a phone-in vote would determine who went home. Jamie loved everyone so much that she wouldn't pick two, she'd roll dice. BB would tell her it wasn't allowed she had to say why she was nominating them, so Jamie would say, "Because that's person I selected with the dice, that's why I nominated them." One week Julie told them the nominations were secret, then they played the HGs the tape of everyone picking their nominees, still no fight, no conflict. I said it was dull, but I still think of it as the best season. There was no BS. No big game props to fail and leave you wondering who really won. BB would ask the HGs questions and you'd hear both sides of the conversion, not just the HGs answer all edited and out of context. It was simple, and better, IMHO.
  6. Questions and Answers

    I was wrong!!! 09-04-00 MAJOR NEWS!!! On the Wednesday show, the ten grand offered is so that if someone takes the money a new houseguest will join the show. Beth, the new guest was originally a finalist that was overlooked and not picked. She is from Florida and has not watched the show cause she was so angry because she was overlooked. CBS HAD ORIGINALLY PLANNED TO TRY TO BRING JORDAN BACK INTO THE HOUSE!!! However after negotiations fell through, they went with Beth, the 22 year old alternate, Beth. Producers are stating a number of problems. The biggest problem with the show is that there are no villains. Unlike Survivor which had Richard, this show no longer has any villains. That is why they are probably trying to make George's wife look evil in the commercials. CBS is in desperation mode. Remember, there is less then month till the winner is picked. Ratings, are going nowhere. CBS made the ultimate casting mistake. They picked 10 different people instead of picking ten interesting people, they picked ten different people to see how they would interact. The theory that was used was the 'Real World' theory. What CBS didn't plan on was the most interesting house guests being banished.
  7. Questions and Answers

    OK, at first I thought you were confusing her with the AOL commentator (remember her, Regina Lewis), anyway Julie did offer them a briefcase full of money for someone to give up their chance at the $500,000, and no one took it. The critics said the show was doing so bad CBS was trying to send the players home early, which wasn't true. But I don't remember an alternate. I think you're confusing that moment with them voting Amy back into the house. I've got all my stuff from season one, but it's not in order, just a jumbled mess I've always said I was going to sort out and post, I'll look through it, but I'm pretty sure it didn't happen. -M
  8. Questions and Answers

    They must be. In five years of coverage there are no cases that I know, of anyone posting "candid photos" supplied by a crew member. One of the cameramen from BB1 had a web site showing the construction the house and control room, and there are always stories from the cast party, but that's about all.
  9. Questions and Answers

    The way I understand it, and I might be wrong, Justin gets paid up to his leaving. Still can't talk for four years, but can work any where he wants without permission. I heard that Cuff and Link were very disappointed in their options after leaving the house.
  10. Questions and Answers

    If they don't break the contract by leaving, they get $750 a week for 13 weeks. Then afterwards, they must get permission from the production company for any non-CBS acting or public appearances for one year. They also sign a "trade secrets" clause that prevents them from talking about the staff, and procedures for four years. This is standard, same deal as Survivor.
  11. Casting and Auditioning

    I didn't see that anyone posted that Diane and Drew did the house tour with Julie. It's expected to air on the 27th.
  12. New and Old Members

    I don't know what you mean. Are you Karma Electra?
  13. Casting and Auditioning

    To me, this all seems rather early. They used to get notified and picked up in the same day so they couldn't talk to anyone, around June 27th. Then they'd lock them up with their handlers in a hotel, train them to use the microphones, change batteries, tell them not to sing, and all the other rules they'll break. I heard them say that on their first night in the house they watched the fourth of July fireworks from the backyard. So all this sounds early, but there might be 16 people which is more than usual, and a brand new house that they might want to test a bit longer than usual. I just hope they don't do too much before the live feeds start. -M Hanklee's right. We always got the house tour before they showed the pictures of the guests. Even seems early for that.
  14. Rumours

    The rumor was, that they tried to get together an All-Star version, but couldn't get the guests. Some had "terms" that the producers wouldn't agree to, some just wanted a major stipend just to play, couldn't commit to 90 days, most just said "No" for one reason or another, and I heard one wanted the prize upped to $1 million, which I think is way overdue. You've got to remember, that when these people left the house, they said they'd never want to go through something like that again. During BB1, we heard that they had a couple extra guests sequesterd in case someone hit the panic button, a new guest would be brought in to CBS would be sure to get their 13 weeks. Not sure if that was true, we never heard from anyone claiming to have been a sequestered "spare." The rumor was that in the Dutch version (the first BB house) they had a couple guests bail on them. -M
  15. Nick at Night

    Hi Television, Yes, those titles would make more sense. They only sent me episode numbers and I had to look up everyone of the episode titles. Thanks for the correction I knew I wouldn't get it right (and noted that at the start ). Yes, last year I spent a lot of time in the hospital, doctors thought I was crazy because I scheduled all my surgeries around Big Brother. I'm better, but I'm still tired and slow at everything I do. Thanks again, made that correction (a a couple to the Good Times schedule, and posted the new Night Court schedule).
  16. Bring Back the Chickenman

    I loved that whole cast. You'll never see them back on CBS, Shapiro and Grodner pretend that season never happened because they were not a part of it. I noticed the British version did away with the chickens too. That first cast was the had the best mix of age and race. I had hoped the Endemol group would be back this year. Shapiro and Grodner made improvements, but I liked it better when they used real people like the rest of the world does.
  17. Casting and Auditioning

    I remember last year I hated Holly's voice, and someone at BB must have really liked it (or hated me) because there were times she was the only thing on. Sometimes they put Karen on a feed and I thought she was great. I thought she was funny, smart, well rounded, I always tuned into her feed when she was on. By the time they kicked her out I couldn't stand her, I hated her voice, her personality, I'd yell back at the screen, begging her to shut up. Same with Marvin, really. I thought he was funny ("As cool as the other side of pillow.") but he never stopped bitching about Nat being sequestered. You just want them all to shut up after 90 days. -M
  18. Casting and Auditioning

    I see your point, but by the end of every season they all start to look pretty bad, so maybe it's a good thing they load up on pretty ones. And would you really root for an ugly one? I say load the place with hotties like Nakomis, Karen the twins, and even Diane. And if they try to sneak in another Lori, we'll vote her out first (right after the old guy). :twisted: Let me look at Marvin and Cowboy for 90 days, now there's some good TV. :otay You know what would be better than looks? Brains! :idea:
  19. Star Spotting

    Is "crappy role" part of the requirements, then I nominate Jason Alexander of "Seinfeld" for his role of "Jim" on "Newhart." For "Seinfeld" players, we need to start a thread "Look How Low They've Fallen." Of course the the Seinfeld cast is still above infomercials (Cher) and selling vacation property (Erik Estrada). -M
  20. Star Spotting

    You mean like: I saw Jon Cryer on Two & a Half Men" in a re-run on "Becker" playing another ex-husband.
  21. old movie

    Wouldn't you like to own this CD? Buy it in my mall at: http://www.mortysmall.com/cgi-bin/amazon/s...earch&locale=us Thank You -Morty-
  22. Bewitched

    Saturday, June 18, 2005 Bewitched Marathon on WPIX 12 noon to 6 p.m. ET Join the magical gang of Bewitched on WPIX on June 18 for an afternoon of magical moments. And don't forget to watch the new Bewitched movie in theaters June 24. And the original first season of Bewitched is on sale on DVD on June 21. http://mortysmall.com/bewitched.shtml 12:00 PM Bewitched "I, Darrin, Take This Witch, Samantha" 12:30 PM Bewitched "The Joker Is a Card" 1:05 PM Bewitched "Witches and Warlocks Are My Favorite Things" 1:40 PM Bewitched "I'd Rather Twitch than Fight" 2:10 PM Bewitched "No Zip in My Zap" 2:45 PM Bewitched "Double Double Toil and Trouble" 3:15 PM Bewitched "Ancient Macedonian Dodo Birds" 3:50 PM Bewitched "My, What Big Ears You Have" 4:20 PM Bewitched "Samantha Loses Her Voice" 4:55 PM Bewitched "Okay, Who's the Wise Witch?" 5:25 PM Bewitched "Samantha's Old Salem Trip"
  23. Quotes from Movies

    Bull Durham: Ebby Calvin LaLoosh: "Why's he calling me meat? I'm the one driving a Porsche. "
  24. Tickled Pink!

    Wow, really good point from QW. You wouldn't see TV Land running Amos 'n' Andy for Black history month (although they're running Good Times). TV Land's "wink" at Uncle Arthur is a far cry from Stonewall. Is the TV Land boycott an organized thing, or just something you're doing personally?
  25. The race was fixed!

    With the shape the world is in, the the way some countries feel about the USA, I'm always surprised that TAR finds so many cool places to go. Of course I don't know if I'd feel comfortable in some of those places alone. If the cops stopped me in another country I'd panic unless I had my cameraman on the phone to the producers.