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  1. I posted that on my Classic TV News page, but I don't know if you guys still read that. "Good Times" joins the lineup in July and "Night Court" in August. I don't know the titles of the other shows that Pavan eludes to, but I do have a clue about one of the marathons, and so will you if you're old enough to remember the tenth Nick@Nite Anniverary. I can assure you, you won't be dissappointed, and you know I don't say that about Viacom very often.
  2. For those of you that skip my front page, I posted the first look at the Nick at Nite 20th Anniversary Schedule. They're bringing back some old favorites for this one special weekend in June. They missed a lot of shows, but there is an episode of "Route 66," a couple Hitchcocks, and other goodies. Nick at Nite's got some special titles for their part of the celebration, "Silver Spoons," "Kate and Ally," and "Moonlighting," to name three. Anyhow, I added a lot of information to the Nick and TV Land schedules. There's all kinds of unique stuff coming up. A special on gays on TV, TV movies like "The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pitman," and "Sybil." Postponed is the Warner Brothers Anniversary, but it is expected to be re-scheduled. Check it out!
  3. Archived Classic Trivia

    Yes!! The Jupitor II launch date was October 16, 1997.
  4. Archived Classic Trivia

    Nope, not from "All in the Family."
  5. Archived Classic Trivia

    No Tabitha, not even close.
  6. Archived Classic Trivia

    A friend of mine phoned me, waking me out of a sound sleep and asked, "What momentous event took place on October 16, 1997?" Without hesitation I answered the question, and for the next ten minutes he berated me for being a sicko TV geek. The truth is, I am a freak, but I had just watched the DVD a few nights before, when I saw the date of this fictional event, I thought it would make a good question for you future geeks.
  7. Archived Classic Trivia

    When the residents of 1803 Redwood Drive, Los Angeles CA visit their next door neighbors, they pass by the home of relatives.
  8. Archived Classic Trivia

    Yes, salter-path, it was Kingfish. Very good. Did you look it up or know it? No one was playing for a while, so I stopped looking. OK, this is a tough one (you know most of these questions are based on the tape or DVD I'm watching at the moment). This one is Google-proof and very difficult. Who lived at 1803 Redwood Drive, Los Angeles CA?
  9. Archived Classic Trivia

    I haven't trown out a question in a while, so here's one: This character's name was George Stevens. What was his famous nickname?
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