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  1. I spoke with a rep of the producers of Big Brother Canada today. As of now, they do not have any deals in place to broadcast their BB on a US TV channel, but she said, "That could change by February." They also have not finalized arrangements for the live feeds. If BB Canada is not broadcast in the US, and I've already checked, The Slice Channel is not available from any of the conventional cable/FiOS/Dish companies, it would greatly hinder my ability to to cover it. And without live feeds, there's very little I could do. I would like offer the resources of our forums, and web space on Morty's TV for an interested party to cover BB Canada. Hopefully, by February they'll have arranged to bring BB to their US fans. The person I spoke to was impressed with our traffic and the percentage of Canadians participating and viewing our pages. The person I spoke with said they'd keep me informed (she was very nice, but you'd expect that, she's Canadian). -Morty
  2. The service is working for me! Make sure you've gone into the advanced settings, select the Toronto servers, and select automatic, and check the "set as default" box or you'll have the re-do the settings each time you re-start it.
  3. Greg, You're in Canada, you should be able get it for free? -M
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    Watching BB in the USA

    Oh yes! Our buddy QuirkyDude will be adding the video to his www.bigbrotherarchive.com. Because the live feeds are free, there could very well be clips on YouTube like we had until BB9. And posting YouTube video in our forum is really easy, you just click the little icon on the post format menu, third from the left "Special BBCode" select "Media" and paste in the YouTube video link.
  5. I informed them of the purpose we needed it for, and was told "it should be OK, just go through one of our Canada servers."
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    Watching BB in the USA

    Here's the link to one of the TV live streams. http://www.bigbrotherarchive.com/wp/tv-live-stream/
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    Watching BB in the USA

    If you live in the US, you will not be able to watch it on Slice, however, for the last two years I've been able to post links to "unofficial" streams, and I expect that will be the case with BB Canada. Usually I only get the link posted about twenty minutes before the show, so you'll just have to check my update page at Big Brother CANADA Page Wednesday night. I'm hoping to hear from one streamer that was very reliable during BB14 and lives in Canada.
  8. Name: Aneal Joshua Ramkissoon Age: 21 Hometown: Richmond Hill, ON Occupation: Communications major Three adjectives that describe you? Outgoing, stubborn, and fun Why did you want to be on Big Brother Canada? I use the show a lot in my research at school for different theories and concepts. I focus on inter-cultural communication and the art of rhetoric and those are two big parts of Big Brother Canada. I hope to develop my experience into an undergraduate thesis. Do you have a strategy going into the house? I’m definitely going to be a strategic player but I don’t want anyone to know that I am. I’m going to try and come across very young and naïve, and like I’ve never been away from home – those are the type of players that people don’t view as a threat. Will you hide anything about yourself from the other houseguests? My education, the fact that I’m on a scholarship, my age, and that I’ve studied the show and used that research in my schoolwork. I want to minimize myself as a threat. Do you think the physical or mental challenges will be more difficult for you? The physical challenges will be more difficult because I know that there will be guys and girls who will be very fit. The show is not completely physical though – I think it is more mental, so that gives me a competitive edge. Describe your perfect day. Sleeping in, catching up on TV shows I had missed, and meeting friends for dinner and drinks, and then heading out for a night on the town. What’s your biggest pet peeve? Loud people that seek attention in a group. I think there are definitely going to be people like that in the house and that will annoy me. I also hate wet towels on beds. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TzF87TvemX8
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    Available to watch in the US?

    I hope to have details on that by Monday night. -M
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    Meet The Big Brother Canada Houseguests

    Kid Craig of Virgin Radio's 99.9 has post exclusive video interviews with some of the HGs, he interviewed them all, and will continue posting until the complete cast is on his blog. So far we have AJ (Anuj ‘AJ’ Burman), Gary Levi, and Kat Yee, but keep checking, there's twelve more. - Read More - Don't know... We only know no one is from Quebec, and that has angered some fans.
  11. During the last couple of seasons of BBUSA, I posted links on the update page to live feed streams so that people in other time zones could watch live, like we do on the east coast. These streams were not "official" so the sources are not jumping forward to identify themselves (if you catch my drift). I do know that a couple of the streams were from Canadian fans, and I hope, the same people that provided the BBUSA streams will find a way to send us BB Canada. The live feeds will be geoblocked, meaning that if you live outside of Canada you will not be able to view the feeds, however I'm looking into a way around that. It's really a shame we just can't buy it "On Demand." Try to keep up through the updates in case we don't have everything figured out by Wednesday. Most importantly we need updaters posting! Although my update page is content written by posters, I've always watched the feeds to provide continuity and quick updates on competition results. This is going to be very strange for me to paste this together. -Morty
  12. Welcome to the big Brother Picture Forum! This forum is for posting screen captures and pics (with captions that explain them) from the Big Brother House live feeds. Please use the "Big Brother International Forum" or :Big Brother" to post info about the Big Brother houses in other than Big Brother Canada. Please keep all discussions in the general "Big Brother Forum" and Live Feed Updates in the "Live Feed Forum." If you forget which forum you're in and post here by mistake, don't worry your post will be deleted without prejudice, we all goof-up at times. There is one thread for PICTURES for each for week in the Big Brother house. After you post here, we may reprint your post on the main Big Brother page, and not credit you right beside it for submitting the information. It's not that we don't want people to know you helped, but it's just that when we tried it last year, all the credits annoyed people. We do give credit to the other sites that send us cool stuff. I will list contributors at the end of each day's report. Your input is vital to our success, and we really do appreciate your help. Don't limit yourself to Live Feed Pics, feel free to share other neat finds with us! Most of all Have Fun and consider this Forum like a Pictorial Daily Library. -M-
  13. This forum is for posting screen captures and pics from the Big Brother House live feeds. An easy, fast tool for grabbing a single screen capture is IrfanView, a great, free graphics program that will let you capture an image, crop it, adjust the brightness and other properties. It's great for making avatars too. Download it from: http://www.irfanview.com/ and you might as well download the plug-ins for added enjoyment. You can post screen captures in the Big Brother Pictures Forum. Once you have your pictures saved to your hard drive, you have to upload them to someplace on the web, and then you can paste the links, which will show the images in a message. Once you have uploaded them, you can paste them in a message body by placing the URL between IMAGE tags as follows: CODE First the image has to be saved on your computer. Once you have it saved, you go to the Image Shack page. (I use Image Shack or Photo Bucket). Please Note - When you name the picture to your computer, make sure it isn't a long file name. It can get confusing when picking up the codes from Image Shack to add to your post. Where it has the icon at Image Shack, click it and it gives you a CHOOSE FILE box. (Looks something like the below box) Once you have found and highlighted the Image you want from your computer, click the OPEN button. You should then see that there is a file name in the box next to the button at Image Shack. Click on the HOST IT button. It may take a little time to load the image. When that's done you scroll down to the bottom of the page and copy the URL from Direct link to image. Now go to your post. Right click your mouse and click paste and your code should appear. Highlight that code and click the Img button at the top of your post. The image brackets will appear on either side of the URL you have just pasted. You're almost done, at the bottom on your post, click and your pictures should appear. If your picture appears, hit . Below is an example before you hit submit: CODE After hitting submit you should end up with: This is idiotproof. Happy Posting and you'll get the hang of it. Jem Some more sites to host pictures. Free - unlimited uploads and Direct linking. http://www.realimagehost.com/ http://www.thepicturebin.com http://www.freeimagelibrary.com Direct linking is allowed http://tinypic.com/ http://www.imageshack.us/
  14. This forum is for posting updates on the happenings, events and conversations that you've seen on the Big Brother Canada 3 house live feeds. Please use the Big Brother USA or Big Brother International Forum to post info about the Big Brother houses in other than Canada. If you post comments in this forum, they will be deleted. Please keep all discussions in the "Big Brother Discussion Forum" and screen caps and other neat pictures in the "Pictures Forum." If you forget which forum you're in and post here by mistake, don't worry your post will be deleted without prejudice, we all goof-up at times. You can't start new threads in this forum. There is one thread for each day in the Big Brother house. After you post here, we may reprint your message (or parts of it) on the main Big Brother page, and not credit you for submitting the information. It's not that we don't want people to know you helped, but it's just that when we tried it, having all the credits there annoyed people. We will list contributors at the end of each day's report. Your input is vital to our success, and we really do appreciate your help. We also do give credit to the other sites that send us cool stuff (OK, just Jokers, BigBrotherUpdates.com, Reality BBQ, and the ones that like us). Example: JD: Who are you going to vote out? DS: I'm going to vote with the majority. JD: So you want me out too?
  15. This forum is for reporting what is happening on the Live Feeds only. All discussion of happenings in the house should be directed to the Discussion forum. The HOW-TO guide for Live Feed Updaters. Please remember, these are just guidelines. We don't want to cramp your individual styles, but it helps the people reading your updates if everyone tries to follow a few basics. Try to include as many of the 5 W's as possible! Who? Ex. Joshuah / Josh If Josh is speaking to Sharon, and they are the only ones in the conversation, you can just use the initials "J" and "S" after the first time. (But it wouldn't make sense to use "J" if Jacob, Joshuah, Jen and James were all present.) IMPORTANT: Please use the houseguests' real names (or agreed-upon abbreviated forms). Do NOT use nicknames from the message board which carry connotations, such as "JanTran" instead of Janelle, for example. What? Ex. Alex and Neil are playing chess. (Sometimes what they're doing is not as important as what they're saying.) When? Ex. 6:30 ET (Please use the time it is in the Big Brother house, not your own local time. The Big Brother House is located in the eastern time zone) Where? Ex. Kitchen, Backyard, Boat bedroom (We may have a few standard abbreviations for some rooms.) Why? Only include this one if it is obvious from the action you have see. Try not to make guesses or judgements as to the motives behind behaviour otherwise. Leave that for the discussion forum. Ex. 1 Jen goes to tell James that Alex is voting for him, because she overheard Alex and Neil talking about it. (This is fine.) Ex. 2 Jen goes to tell James that Alex is voting for him, because she wants him to be anxious about the vote. (This is more speculative.) Personal comments within Live Feed Updates Morty and the whole MortysTV team greatly appreciate the fact that live feed updaters want to be of service and that they can't provide as high a quality of that service if they are forced to pause their updating to go post their opinion in the discussion section every time they wish to share, or instead be forced to keep it to themselves. So Morty has given his blessing for live feed updaters to include some personal comments. (*I always loved Morty's personal comments, back when he was updating alone.*) Including a personal observation here and there is well and good, but judgmental comments within the Live feed Updates that will unduly influence the ones reading them are to be avoided. All we ask is that updaters who are including personal comments use brackets to make it clear that the comment is their own. [ This is an example -Jedi] We also understand how it's not always easy to keep gut reactions out of it, especially when you are watching these people day in and day out on the live feeds. Sooner or later you can't help forming some opinions about liking some and hating others. Sometimes, overboard comments can produce such a reaction in the readers of those updates that posts get reported to the moderators for no other reason than that they feel the updater is personally picking on their favorite houseguest(s). Since the Live Feed Updates forum is NOT the discussion forum, it might help if things weren't too inflammatory. Therefore, let's try to keep personal comments to more of a neutral vein, and less extreme. If you really feel strongly about a houseguest or something they have done, you should probably share your comments about it in our Discussion forum. Suggestions for some common Live Feed Update posting standards can be posted as replies to this thread and discussed here.
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    For years our Canadian members have been complaining that there's no Big Brother made in Canada, well stop complaining! Here comes Big Brother Canada! And now for Big Brother Canada details! According to Shaw Media’s Advertising site casting for Big Brother Canada is expected to start this July and last until January of 2013. That gives you 7 months to perfect the perfect casting tape and make sure you make it into the Big Brother house! On Air Promotion for Casting – July 12 Online Casting Submissions – August 10 Cross country starts tour September 24 House construction will start in September in Toronto and will contain and indoor/outdoor set Show will begin Feb 18 for 10 weeks with 3 one hour episodes per week Shows will include 2 pre-taped episodes and 1 live eviction episode All of the format changes in the US version will appear in the Canadian version including Head of Household, Veto, Luxury Competitions etc;. There will also be a jury that will decide the winner of Big Brother and will be sequestered in a separate location.
  17. Every so often someone asks why season 9 & 10 aren't included in the Morty's TV site archive. The short answer is I was in the hospital, and no one made the 150 missing archive pages. After all this time, I finally created the pages and added them to the archive. There are lots of broken links, mostly to video clips that real.com had removed from YouTube, but links to forum content and some CBS stuff still work. http://www.mortystv.com/archive/bb9/ http://www.mortystv.com/archive/bb10/
  18. Hi Everyone, Because I live in South Jersey, many of you have been concerned about my well-being. Thanks for your concern and I'm fine. It's strange that in the summer a good thunderstorm will take out my electric and screw up our BB coverage, but my lights only flickered once during Sandy. Although he won't know for sure until Friday, but from what I've seen on the news, I think my brother lost his shore house, but luckily no one was there. Thanks again for thinking of me, and I hope all our other east coast friends, family, and readers stayed safe and dry. Remember The Red Cross, to donate go to RedCross.org Donate $10 Via Text Message* Text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate to Disaster Relief efforts, or PREVENT to 90999 to donate to the Measles Initiative.
  19. Big Brother Casting Starts August 1st! In case you missed it, the big news last night was that Big Brother Canada begins casting this Wednesday! Canadians 19 years and older will be able to apply online and in person at open casting calls at select cities across Canada. Starting August 1st online applications will be available at bigbrothercanada.ca. Just send in a short video proving why you are Big Brother Canada material and leave the rest to us. Don’t wait too long though, the submission deadline is October 16, 2012. Applicants who would rather present their case in person will have 5 opportunities to do so! Locations are as follows, but stay tuned on Wednesday for all the details. Open Casting Calls: Vancouver – September 23 Calgary – September 30 Halifax – October 7 Montreal – October 7 Toronto – October 14 So, if you want to be on the inaugural season of Big Brother Canada you better be ready to give it your all. We’re looking for extroverts, conformists, risk takers, adventurers, romantics, leaders, plotters and planners, and of course those who don’t mind a little healthy competition. All successful applicants will be notified by December 20th.
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    9/7 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    9:35AM BBT: We have a wake up call, and the WBRB scene is a live shot of the control room [it's my favorite FotH]
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    Hey! What are you saying, the US is full of sociopathic scumbags? You're either watching too much of our reality shows or C-Span. -Morty
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    8/24 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    Frank tells Ian that his target this week is still Dan. 10:05PM BBT: Britney and Ian are in the living room whispering. Britney tells Ian he has to try and keep her off the block. Ian saying he will do his best. Britney: "Look, he already hates Dan, and is targeting him. If he asks why you did it, tell him Dan got in your ear." 10:25PM BBT: Dan, Joe, Shane, Frank and Britney are in the living room talking about the competition. Danielle in the kitchen making Britney's Birthday cake.
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    Morty Covering BB Canada?

    On the other hand, if it works out like The Glass House, it will show that Grodner and CBS do it best. [i think there's a better chance it would go the other way.] I imagine so, they keep saying everything will be like the American version, but she said that do not have a deal in place yet. Many years back CBS and Real were going season-to-season with their contracts, and sometimes it would be right up to the wire before they'd say they have a deal.