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  1. I have never liked Christine she is a weasel and i cant wait to see when she gets voted out and she will. She is being such a b To Nicole i think she is jealous of Nicole and wants Cody all to himself. Personally, I think the men except for Donny and Derick are stupid. I hope Nicole gets to go to the jury house with Hayden Christine really hasnt made any moves on her own she has been frankies puppet.
  2. I have never really liked Frankie. But after he announced who he is (which to me is a celebrity in his own mind) I have even more dislike for him. I mean the rest of the HG's seem so in awe of who he is and what he says (and lies) about what he is gonna do for them.... I mean come on. I have watched BB since the first season but I will say if Frankie wins the game, this will be my last year. He should have gone home in the BOTB. But I feel like this was set up specifically so he would win. I am really not happy about that. And I really wish they hadn't screwed Hayden and Nicole over or FRankie would have already been gone What's up with this year? No showmances and couples must be split? I am all for Frankie being gone from the show. He has no place there. It is also sad that BB gave him this spot and denied someone else . This is total BS
  3. I was watching after dark last night, I cannot believe that Cody told Frankie and Christine everything and of course Christine lied about everything. I hope Christine or Frankie go home tonight. I cannot believe that Cody is that stupid<< Anyone else? I agree Cody should go home and I am hoping someone flips and gets rid of Zac I too wish Big Brother would get back to the game it was, like voting the way you want not voting with the house to keep the peace... I think that is really stupid as well