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  1. pink

    Rachel - Week 7

    Bathroom convo with Shelly was crazy! Is Rach just messing with Shelly & Dani? OR... Has she FLIPPED!
  2. She is grilling/attacting him... horrible way to talk/teach someone. This girl is leaving because she has no social skills. I dislike her facial expressions & the tone of her voice. She can't be nice... doesn't have it in her! Sad!
  3. oops... This is why I don't post... ^ Great post
  4. pink


    VOTE FOR JEFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VOTE FOR JEFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VOTE FOR JEFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. LEAST FAV.......................JESSE!!!!!!!!!!
  6. pink

    Daniele Week 9

    http://241dani.livejournal.com/?skip=120 Go to Oct 31st, 2004. Danielle as Alice in Wonderland. Kind of coincidental. Glance at her journal while you are there. Not sure if this is old news, apologies if it is. Pink
  7. pink

    PoV Spoiler - 8/25

    America should vote after Sunday's show!!! To use or not to use Veto? America's Player!!! BB could announce...There is a greater chance Eric will play in Veto and win!... Let's making this interesting!...He really is America's Player!!!...
  8. pink

    Dick Week 8

    Jen is out of the house and they are still bashing her. She got the last laugh...Dunk!!!
  9. pink

    America's Player

    ED, RICHARD, and...DICK!!!
  10. pink

    Jessica Week 7

    Jess just said something like...Maybe Jens is a paid actor or something, like maybe each week they give her things to do and when she completes them...she gets money!!! She had 1/2 the twist! Dick did not think this would be fair. I really think Jess is going to feel played! P.S. I never post... BUT THIS SEASON IS DRIVING ME WAMBER!!!
  11. pink

    Jen Week - 7 Evicted

    as Amber yells at Jen...Telling her she is selfish (among others things)...AMBER IS WEARING JENS SHIRT, HEELS, AND MAKEUP, Jen lent her. Leave her alone.
  12. Hi, I never (only a few) post...just wanted to thank you, love your (ed notes)...Always on Mortys, love it here, do not mean to lurk, just shy! Get well!

  13. pink

    To Live Feeders and Picture/Video posters

    I have to add... A HUGE .....<{FROM HERE TO THE MOON}>..... THANK YOU!!!! Love, Pink
  14. pink

    Eric Week 6 - America's Player

    When can America vote this clown (Eric) back home to where here came from? New name for LNC alliance...CLOWN TOWN? Not to be confuse with CHILL TOWN. ClOWN TOWN lies somewhere between LIAR-VILLE and CRIER-VILLE!!!!