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  1. Why did they have a multimillionaire gambling witch on BB? Steve sending Vanessa running won him the game. Liz was stupid and lousy imo. That was one consolation for what has been one of the worst BBs EVER. Enjoyed you guys input, however.
  2. I haven't been around a couple of weeks but in my opinion that was the world's worst endurance comp I have ever seen in my life!!! They swing on a damn candy apple for 10 minutes or so then get to rest their legs a few minutes...that was an insult to every BB final physical comp in history. Also what the heck is that sorry Liz in F3??? JMO.
  3. If it's Steve vs. Liz I want Steve to win.
  4. The twins are both eating like hungry pigs.
  5. Twins are mean hearted gals. Meg is sweet but goofy. If nominated she'll cry this whole week like she's getting fired from summer camp. Cute girl but dumb as dirt!
  6. Liz overestimates her popularity. Earlier she said she could beat anyone in F2. Really Liz? For riding Austin's coattails? So happy Austwins are unhappy. Is Austin real target?
  7. Meg and James the past couple of weeks was like Snow White and the missing 8th dwarf, humpy! lol. I did notice Grandma's thighs jiggled like bowl of jello.
  8. I thought old James tried to climb her here legs when she was leaving.
  9. Well, James came up short!! Again!
  10. They should find out about DE AFTER they vote HGs out...
  11. Vanessa Rousso (Week 10) - HoH

    She looks and acts like Daffy Duck running amuck around the house... https://youtu.be/M4BXyC3kHSU
  12. Vanessa Rousso (Week 10) - HoH

    I'm surprised the austwins didn't bring back their own cards they had hidden.
  13. Dumbest Veto comp ever. Austin runs like a girl bigfoot.
  14. Yes if Steve and Jmac join James. But like JEDI said it's a toss up. Then put Van vs.Awsun after that....lol
  15. Vanessa Rousso (Week 10) - HoH

    Very astute!! Hope this ruins her erstwhile poker star statue...
  16. The should forget about being American Fravorite...maybe audition for "American Horror Stories..."....
  17. Vanessa Rousso (Week 10) - HoH

    Liz should be up against Austin. Stupid Vanessa.
  18. Vanessa Rousso (Week 10) - HoH

    Maybe Karma catches up with her sooner rather than later. But she can talk herself out of most any corner.
  19. They dislike her behavior, not her.
  20. Vanessa Rousso (Week 10) - HoH

    Marty, let's hope her head rolls ASAP.
  21. That's her. She'd cry at the drop of a hat. Nothing to do with the game. I was concerned how that show affected her son. Like all the weird ones she vanished into nothingness after the show. Maybe Scotty beamed her aboard. I had forgotten about Jameka. I rather liked her but her association with Wamber was bad influence. Jameka was a true Christian. Unlike Wamber.
  22. Vanessa Rousso (Week 10) - HoH

    I agree Linda. They are all drinking the VaMessa Koolaid this year....
  23. Don't worry Stevea....I kid you dude...A big pot stirrer am I...lol...she'll be around. Meg is worth 2 million of "jiz's" lol... If I were a younger man Id consider myself...
  24. Wish Liz would leave this week. She's the head of the snake of the gruesome threesome... Vanessa does use important meds to control her moodswings...she purposely postpones them to create drama in house to her advantage...I have relations that need meds like that, or else. Vanessa is being flippant to risk her mental health just to win a stupid TV game show. Still remember Waaaaamber the meth head in BB8...she was going cold turkey off meth on live TV. Amber had no game but cried incessantly, reading bible, etc. Both are two wackos from Vegas... 309
  25. Maybe they think they dislike her gameplay. If she wins, she wins...no skin off our backs.