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  1. MaggieScratch

    Danielle, Week 11 - Evicted 9/19, 3rd Place

    Did anyone else hear her say, "My daddy is gonna be so proud of me!"
  2. I agree. I really think Dan wants to be last coach standing with his one player. I do love Ian though. He has done a great job.
  3. MaggieScratch

    9/11 & BB2

    I just finished watching BB2 on Utube Quirkydude(thank you). They called Monica into the DR first and let her know and gave her time to adjust ton the info. Then, they called in Nicole and Will and let them know too. I never heard about the muffin until I read this thread.
  4. MaggieScratch

    Jenn Arroyo, Week 9 (Nominee) Evicted 9/11

    I think the hardest thing for Jenn city to deal with after this is over will be to realize she was the most respectful person in the house. I also think that she will be amazed at the real Danielle, not the soap opera actress she has been conversing with all summer. Just goes to show you that you can't judge a book by it's cover. Right, Mike Boogie!
  5. MaggieScratch

    Danielle, Week 8

    I thought I was the only one who noticed this behavior. The girl was flat out advertising her boobs to Shane (and Frank) who were sitting at the kitchen table. She was also bouncing on the bench causing movement. I thought Joe was going to lose it--he didn't know what else to say to the girl.
  6. MaggieScratch

    Ian, Week 8 (HoH)

    There seems to be an underlying consensus to get out all of the coaches. Ian will backdoor Dan. His reasoning being that Brittany was backdoored because of Dan. No more coaches!
  7. Favorite: Brittany - I enjoy her bantering with everyone. I like the way Brittany checks in on Ian all the time. She isn't afraid to confront people. Least: Ashley - She strings people along(Ian). She can't put her own thoughts into words, and make any kind of sense. You know, at one point last week, I actually thought that Joe, Ashley, Shane, and Ian had a plan together to get all of the coaches out. Then, I saw Ashley and Frank together. Silly me!
  8. MaggieScratch

    America's Choice - Jury Prize $25,000

    I vote for Brendon only because no one else did. Apparently Rachel likes to wreck their car. He may need the money to fix it. LOL.
  9. MaggieScratch

    Adam - Week 8/DE Part 2 Replacement Nominee

    In this game of dodge the eviction, Adam has made it through to this point. Personality wise, he is a quiet, non-confrontational kind of person ( except when Shelly was throwing him under the bus right in front of Jeff). Adam is on the block again for the fourth time right and he will make it through again because Shelly sank her boat with Jordan. He was never a target, just a pawn, so he must have made an impression on the other BB inmates. At this point, after this insane season, I am rooting for Rachel and Adam. He hasn't really angered me at all. K/P/S need to exit. All this time on their hands and all they can do is shred people.
  10. MaggieScratch

    Double Eviction Live show 8~25~11

    shelly said before that if she wins the money will go to her company for letting her participate in big brother. tonight she said I am doing this for my family. which is true????
  11. MaggieScratch

    Live Show - August 11

    Not much time left. what kind of HOH can they play now. HOH on Sunday
  12. MaggieScratch

    Live Show - August 11

    hugging happening of course!
  13. MaggieScratch

    Live Show - August 11

    I lost my Internet for a few. Lawn and Brendon playing against each score 1O- 6 brendon leading . Brendon wins.
  14. MaggieScratch

    Live Show - August 11

    information about the twist. Rachel is shocked about Brendon being sequestered.Danielle is very nervous one. Taking with the four possible returnees.
  15. MaggieScratch

    Live Show - August 11

    Votes were unanimous. 6-0