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  1. Cwazy4BB

    Big Brother Anticipation Levels

    A 10 here Can't wait for the cast reveal.
  2. Cwazy4BB

    This season's BB House Design

    Much too loud, love the bathroom though
  3. Cwazy4BB

    BB16 Rumors: Like or Don't like?

    New players plz. As it is we wait a whole year for another BB Season hoping we won't see returning players. NO MORE RACHEL or Elissa!!!! Don't want to start the season puking :/
  4. Cwazy4BB

    America - Week 5 - MVP

    Amanda X10
  5. 1. Nick 2. Jeremy will implode 3. Elissa or Helen
  6. Fav - Helen Least - Jeremy
  7. Elissa, Howard or Helen to sit back and watch Aaryn, GM and Kaitlin squirm
  8. She'll be booted out fast, so so shallow
  9. Cwazy4BB

    America's Choice $25,000 - Poll

    My votes were split between Dan and Ian, either one of them deserves it and the win
  10. Cwazy4BB

    Danielle, Week 4 (HoH & PoV)

    Dani absolutely did tell Brit she could sleep in the HOH room last night, I heard it on BBAD It's Janelle she didn't want up there and who can blame her after the way Janelle treated her last week.
  11. He said Wil and Joe. Britney talked with him today and tried to convince him to put up Danielle if he'd won HOH and he flat out told her he would NOT put Danielle up, it would be Wil and Joe, so we'll see. He's just about the only HG there playing his own game. I loved it when he won, he really needed to. Way to go Shane!!!!
  12. Cwazy4BB

    America Votes - Coaches enter the game?

    I won't even bother to vote because it's already rigged for them to come in and play. America has no idea what the "real" outcome is. It's so unfair for the newbies, another repeat of last season. I told my hubby what "America" was going to be voting on before the commercial ended and Julie came back to give us "our" task and sure enough, it's too damned predictable! Why even bother
  13. Thanks for sharing the links uvp. So excited and counting the minutes