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  1. 7/11 TV Show Eviction Night Thread

    1. Nick 2. GM will cry 3. Helen or Amanda
  2. BB15 General Discussion

    My thoughts EXACTLY! I can't stand Jeremy & Aaryn. I would be embarrassed to have them as a friend or family.
  3. Jeremy - Week 2

    Same for me! I can't stand his cocky attitude. He's trying so hard to be the big dog. It makes me think he's probably been a nobody all of his life.
  4. Who Will Be Evicted Today, 8/19?

    Hayden and Enzo are discussing the possibility of telling Matt he doesn't have enough votes to stay. If they do that, hopefully Matt will see that even though he was the "brains" of the Brigade, their loyalty lies with Lane. So, maybe Matt will put Enzo on the block. Wishful thinking.
  5. Andrew - Week 1

    What a jerk. I wonder if he's like that at work. If he is, he'll have a sexual harrassment lawsuit filed against him before long. I have a question about his food. He brought his own pot to cook his food. I wonder if BB will provide him with Kosher food? If not, his pot won't make a difference. It's not a magic pot - it can't turn non Kosher food into Kosher food.
  6. Lane - Week 1

    This guy got practically no air time. Makes me wonder if he could be the saboteur. (Assuming the saboteur has been chosen).
  7. Premiere Show July 8th

    You're so right! As I listened to Julie saying for us to vote - I kept saying "What do we get out of voting?" The vote had no purpose unless we're picking the saboteur. Dang - I voted for Kathy on the poll here.
  8. Saboteur

    I think it's Kathy because she couldn't hold on to the weiner for more than 5 seconds. Could she really be that bad at grabbing ahold to and holding on to a weiner?
  9. Jeff and Jordan

    It must be!
  10. Natalie - BB 11 Runner-up

    "I braided your hair for 4 GD hours!"
  11. Jeff and Jordan

    I wonder who's house they were standing in front of? Did y'all see that house in the background? It was gorgeous.
  12. Welcome Casey to Morty's

    Hi Casey! Man, I loved watching you. I really hated to see you get voted off. I wanted to scream not to take the margarita party.. but I was afraid you wouldn't hear me... so I just whined about it. Welcome
  13. Jordan - BB 11 Winner

    *sigh* That's one hot tribute. I have chills.
  14. Natalie - BB 11 Runner-up

    LOL! These are gold! Thanks, gsn.
  15. Kevin - 6th Juror

    I went back and watched it On Demand (fast forwarded until I saw it). I saw a male and female. Male was his bf.. the female couldn't have been his mother. She looked too young. He probably won't even get a phone call from his parents. I would be surprised if he did. Poor baby.