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  1. Hayden Moss - Preseason

    He'd be pretty with a haircut, I hope he's not a tool!
  2. Ragan Fox - Preseason

    His voice is annoying a bit but he doesn't like Boogie so that's a plus for me. I have no opinion yet...
  3. Rachel Reilly - Preseason

    I like her personality but it seems so fake... we'll see.
  4. Enzo Palumbo - Preseason

    I don't like him, he for some reason reminds me of Adam. He's an egomaniac and I hate that quality, immediate turn off!
  5. Michael(cowboy) Chima Gnatalie Eric (Americas Player) Couldn't stand the entire S9 cast.
  6. Lurkers Come On Out...Big Brother 12 Is Here!

    I'm mostly a lurker, I post here and there but usually you all say what I'm thinking so I don't even need to say anything. I'll try more though
  7. Kevin - BB 11

    I like him a lot! Hes Blasian who understands geekaneese. I think hes funny and I hope he doesnt leave early because people cant take him calling them out! Hes refreshing.
  8. Jessie - BB 11

    I wish it was Brian too but Id take Jessie over Jessica... he'll be out soon enough anyway.
  9. Big Brother 11 - released info

    I like it. I wouldnt want to sleep in the pool room but I think its cool. I love the HOH room, love it! Also the livingroom, I like the plant thing in it. The kitchen, meh, nothing too exciting there.
  10. Mole Under consideration for new season..

    Ive been watching repeats on GSN... I SOO hope they bring this back, one of my favorite shows!
  11. America's Next Top Model 12

    I dont like Celia, cant stand her actually.... but I dont really care much for Tahlia either so meh, they can both go home and I would be happy.
  12. BB Moment

    Dustins eviction... his face was priceless!
  13. America's Next Top Model 12

    Celia has irked me from day one too, I too can not put my finger on why though, I just cant stand her. Im glad Tyra put her in her place and Im hoping she got knocked off the top of the list. I love Alison.... something about her, he uniqueness maybe. Sandra staying over Kortnie was a shock to me because Sandra has been so blah.
  14. Question about season 8

    I figured... thanks Yana!
  15. America's Next Top Model 12

    I wont be watching it till late when the kiddies are in bed but Im so exctied!