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    Keith - Week 1 - Evicted 7/14

    Anyone else notice Julie did not mention any secrets or tell him anything funny that other people said? (IE: him and Porche throwing the POV) Do you think this could mean someone will becoming back? Normally she reveals things to the first evicted HGs. Found this strange. (Would make sense too since Dick left to fill his spot.)
  2. Buriko

    Help?!?! Big Brother

    why are they not allowed to show music playing or singing in the house? What is the difference between playing the song on the news or youtube and playing it on live feeds?
  3. Buriko

    Matty (BB9) Myspace!

    i personally think facebook has too much privacy with all their networks and stuff. It isnt hard to get past myspace's privazy...not to mention...myspace copies everything of facebook just about
  4. Buriko

    Matty (BB9) Myspace!

    idk the link works for me, his profile might have become private since he added me last summer, but try typing in Matthew McDonald in the facebook search, his networks are: Salem State Alum '07 and Boston, MA Edit: i checked onmy friends login, and it didnt let me see his page, so i guess it is private. However, i am freidns with most of the cast of seasons 8,9,10 of BB and also The Aamzing Race 13 so if you want anyone's profiles let me know.
  5. Buriko

    Matty (BB9) Myspace!

    if you have facebook: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/profile...1090&ref=ts
  6. Buriko

    Do's and Dont's of Big Brother

    Watch Old Seasons Before you go into the house! (And not only 1) Keep to yourself about opinions of people Act Weak!
  7. Buriko

    Couples Update

    I saw on Jessica's Myspace shes engaged to some new guy.
  8. Buriko

    Former Big Brother Star Pregnant!!!!!!

    lol i thought for sure it woulda been April
  9. Buriko

    Amazing Race - 13

    We were wondering this while we watched the last episodes, while the racers are at airports for long periods of time, is there anything stopping them from getting on the internet and getting on websites like myspace and facebook and communicating with their family, since i know calling people at home is prohibited?
  10. did Brian get any additional pay for returning for that Food Competition since Jessie received Pay for his return? Plus Add to CBS' Tab the price of prizes for the returning house guests in that same competition.
  11. Buriko

    Big Brother 11

    Im with the person above me! You dont have to work your asses off to enjoy the show...its probably more enjoyable if you dont. I work a BB Fanpage myspace and i only update 4 times a week, after live show, after Nominations (including food comp), after POV, and after POV Ceremony. Its not that much work.
  12. Buriko

    Who Did You Want To See Win Out Of All BB Hist?

    didnt watch until season 7, 7- Janelle 8- Dick (picked him week 3) 9- Sharon 10- Dan
  13. Buriko

    Finale Date 9/16 Show

    lol Zach was there yeah, we noticed him because we mad so much fun of him last summer, so hes a star in our house.
  14. Buriko

    Most Memorable Scene In Bb History

    i have to say most memorable is Natalie's Face when Julie said that there has been a tie vote. I hated her sooooo bad!
  15. -Endurance challenge- Winner can view 1 hour of Diary Sessions of 1 HG -Coup D'Etat returns -The Veto Dick is always talking about (not every week but maybe 2 times) -More Penalty Challenges (like being cuffed together etc) -Non-Eviction Weeks (but dont tell the Houseguests (will cause drama in house after vote is revealed) -Original Veto and HOH Comps