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    BB 13 - Questions, Theories, Suggestions

    Is it normal to have a WBRB this long on the feeds? This is the first time I have ever had them. Thanks
  2. mstnquaw

    Russell Hantz - Part 1

    Cant spell and still made 1.7 mil last year as owner of an oilfield company! WOW now thats not to bad!
  3. mstnquaw

    Russell Hantz - Part 1

  4. mstnquaw

    Russell Hantz - Part 1

    LOL cute Bull
  5. mstnquaw

    Russell Hantz - Part 1

    Wow, heated debate here. Well I (not that it matters), strongly think that alot of you that are blasting Russell and the show by saying that it was rigged to help him are.........well to put it plainly so you can understand, just hating! There I said it. This happens EVERY season, when someone hates (or strongly dislikes) a certain player and that player is doing well, all the haters jump on the conspiracy band wagon and start ranting about how its all rigged. Give me a break!
  6. mstnquaw

    Survivor 19 SPOILERS

    Thanks for the help, itsnotbb9.
  7. mstnquaw

    Survivor 19 SPOILERS

    Why does the spoiler post not show up? All I can see is balck lines.
  8. mstnquaw

    Jeff Probst - Host

    No the season is completed, so I guess the real answer is yes, but so has everyone else. When they take the final vote at the final tribal council, the final two have to wait until the live finally to know which one really wins. Does that make sense? This season is already completely finished except for the reunion show which is live. Thats the way I understood how this works, anyway.
  9. mstnquaw

    Post-Season Interviews, Videos, Pictures

    That was only a 38 second clip, will the entire interview be put up later ...ya think?
  10. Is there a way to watch the backyard interviews now?
  11. Sorry I'm tired and it seems my maturity level is dropping by the minute, lol
  12. LOL you said "still get dick"...... to funny!
  13. mstnquaw

    It's Official: Big Brother Has Been Renewed!

    If there was one with only 60 and over I bet they wouldnt sleep as much as these fools do! It drives me nuts, I am tickled if I can sleep 5 hours straight! How do these people sleep SO MUCH!!
  14. mstnquaw

    CBS Fantasy ---- MortysMarvels 2009 Samoa

    I joined the fantasy survivor one as mstnquaw, but I cant find it on CBS's site. I did enter a tribe called Dae Yum Yum!! I couldnt help it I had BB on the brain and it was the first one I saw that made me laugh.
  15. mstnquaw

    Sequester House

    lol I bet Jesse would love too with Russell, you know he posed for what looked like gay porn once. TMZ has the pictures (some of the ones that were not showing everything) posted last year when he was on BB.
  16. mstnquaw


    I am so very happy for Jordan , but I tell you what. I would HATE to be either her or Kevin these last few days because you know GNAT is gonna be in their ear so much spewing her crap that she would make me want to literally !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. mstnquaw

    Jeff - Part 3

    Joy, THANK YOU!!
  18. mstnquaw

    Jeff - Part 2

    Please more pics, theres not much time left. I just read he was shaving with just a towel on!! Come on where are the pics when we need them. LOL
  19. mstnquaw

    Mystery Door Twist - Part 2

    Dagum it I was SO disappointed last Tuesday about this so called twist being a pile of .... well you know. And now I get on the boards to check and see if I can get a few last pics of Jeff and now you guys are gonna go and get my hopes up again!! I cant believe it til I see it! I think they would have surely said something just to build suspense. Hell they built the suspense like crazy last week and NOTHING. So I refuse to get any hope til it happens. But you can have no doubt that if something does happen I will be jumping up off my couch excited!!! Bet that!!
  20. mstnquaw

    Jeff - Part 2

    I agree, I'm still LOVING Jeff too!!! And as for his attitude last night to Michelle right after the veto comp. Heck he reminded me of me when I have a really bad golf shot and my husband wants to tell me what I did wrong right then! LOL not a good time to try to talk to me ha
  21. mstnquaw

    Mystery Door Twist - Part 2

    That was the "twist". Nothing else was said other than tune in to see who is evicted on thursday, Jeff or Jordan. THATS ALL THIS WAS!! WOW what a complete BS "twist". This was NOTHING more than I luxury comp.
  22. mstnquaw

    Mystery Door Twist

    That part I understand, I have felt that way about the show before too. But I really dont understand how that applies to Jeff. He won america's vote and everything else I believe he has won also far and square.